Chickpea + fried egg breakfast bowls

This is our go-to protein packed breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner meal. We love creating new bowls filled with healthy ingredients. Being vegetarian and in desperate need of protein, we have a small obsession with chickpeas and eggs. We also love any meal that takes only about 30 minutes to make. (serving size: approximately 2. ) 

For this recipe, you will need: 

  1. 1 large pan with a lid,

  2. One small pan, 

  3. 2 cans of chickpeas/garbanzo beans, 

  4. Olive oil or coconut oil,

  5. 2 sweet potatoes,

  6. 2 or 3 eggs, 

  7. 1/4 cup fresh basil,

  8. 2 tablespoons feta cheese,

  9. Garlic or garlic powder,

  10. Paprika, 

  11. Salt and pepper. 

1. Prepare and cut sweet potatoes, 

2. Remove and rinse chickpeas,

3. Oil and heat a large pan with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil and add chickpeas,


4. Add 2 diced cloves of garlic or 2 tablespoons of garlic powder. 

5. Add a dash of paprika, salt, and pepper for taste,

6. Cook chickpeas uncovered on low for 5-6 minutes, 


7. Add the sweet potatoes,

8. Drizzle with olive oil,


9. Cover and cook on medium - low for approximately 20 minutes or until sweet potatoes are browned and soft. Stir occasionally, 

10. Add 2 tablespoons of cheese, 

11. Top with 1/4th cup of chopped basil, 


12. Heat a small pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 

13. Fry 2 or 3 eggs to your liking (we usually do 3. 1 for Megan and 2 for Guy.), 

14. Dish sweet potato and chickpeas and serve with egg on top!