Fresh Foods at the Farmer's Market

Saturday mornings come with their own kind of beauty. If we are up and the weather is fine, we plan to visit the Portland Farmer’s Market. It is one of the greatest treats of our lovely city. A place full of the fresh scents of baked goods and fruit. The hum of local commerce being shared and enjoyed by the locals on the bustling Park Blocks is every so inviting.

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Galavanting in the Garden in Gap

It’s tough to get out sometimes. I don’t mean that because my schedule is packed full anymore. More so, that my son’s needs guide my day and if he seems like he needs to be home for extra naps and snuggles, then by-golly that is what we are going to do. On the weekends, Guy does a great job trying to get us out of the house. It is much needed for all of us. Even though J maybe fussy, it somehow still doesn’t seem as stressful when our whole little family is together. I suppose that is the beauty and purpose of family - to always love and support each other. To push us out of our comfort zone, even if that means we have a crying baby the entire car ride, and I have to breast feed (again) before we can get out of the car.

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Wide Leg Crop Jeans

After having a baby I realized that my closet wasn’t really baby appropriate. I would try on my pants and I couldn’t breathe. I still have a couple of pounds of weight to lose to get back down to pre-baby weight. I felt so uncomfortable in all of the jeans that I had. I have just been wanting to wear more casual clothes that I can lounge in at home with baby J or run around town in.

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4 Ways To Wear Mom Jeans

Even though I love fashion and blogging, the excessive overconsumption and materialism of style blogging does not quite fit with my personal values. It is oh-so-conflicting with my native roots and desire to take care of our planet. However, we do have to wear clothes and why not spice it up a little from time to time by reusing items you already have.

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Megan's Picks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I don’t know about you, but Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop. Starting today through the 18th is their Early Access period for Nordstrom card holders for their Anniversary Sale. The sale is open to everyone else from July 19th through August 4th.

Since it is a little more difficult for me to get out of the house nowadays, I searched online for some great deals and items to put on a wishlist. Here are my favorite items going on sale soon!