Written by Megan.

We are so excited to finally get around to sharing some of our favorite photos captured by our friends Ed Dasso and his lovely wife Lyric. They went above and beyond by capturing our rehearsal dinner and arriving bright and early the next morning to catch us before we said, “I do.” We enjoyed our rehearsal dinner in Oregon City at the Singer Hill Cafe. The cafe has an eclectic feel with local art and Spanish inspired vertical gardens climbing up the walls. It was the perfect location for our little group. We shared laughter, tears, and yummy food while we watched the progression of our ages via slideshow.

Bright and early the following day was our wedding day. We elected to have a small gathering at the historic Ainsworth House and Gardens, also in Oregon City. Even with such an intimate event, it was difficult to spend time with everyone. We got ready separately and went off to the Ainsworth House early in the morning with our respective groomsmen and bridesmaid parties. We arrived, set up decor, and waited patiently in our separate rooms. I soon heard a knock at the door and I knew it was time for our first look as Guy said, “Please open the door, it’s raining on me.” We were soon embracing with kisses and tears ready to commit our lives to each other.

At first, the weather was not very kind to us on this October first day in the Pacific Northwest. As one might have guessed, the rain thought it was the perfect time to show itself that morning. As I waited and watched the rain fall heavily from the bridal suite window, I prayed for it to let up for our ceremony under the pine tree in the yard. It was time for the ceremony and our wedding coordinator came in with the biggest poncho I have ever seen. She asked, “what would you like to do if it is still raining at the time the ceremony is supposed to start?” Like the Oregon-born girl that I am, I simply said, “We’ll be okay. Let’s still do it outside.” It was time. As I walked out of the bridal suite room the rain left us completely.

We were blessed us with a beautiful sunlit ceremony. Just as planned, were wed under the grand pine tree with pine needles gently falling around us as the wind picked them off their branches. Guy’s mother, Cretia, gave us a heartfelt ceremony that fit our love and personalities perfectly. Everything went as planned except for one minor catastrophe.  As my father was giving me away to Guy, he nearly fell backwards on my dress. It actually seemed much more dramatic to me at the time, which I’m sure is partially due to my lack of peripheral vision. After watching some video evidence, it was barely even noticeable. It’s funny how small moments on such an important day can feel so intense.

We were served a delicious brunch by Divine Occasions Catering full of handmade pastries and had fun with a little mid day dancing. I say a little because the day seemed to fly by! By the time we were done taking photos, we were cleaning up to leave. We want to thank everyone who made it to our wedding and helped to make our day one to remember.

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Hello Nice!

Written by Guy.

A bright sky and warm sun welcomed us to Nice and the second part of our honeymoon. It was perfection. After taking TGV five hours from Paris downward — a trip mixed with sleep and utter amazement at the french countryside — we were in desperate need to stretch our legs. Nice indulged, as is its nature.

We walked out of the centrally-located train station and into a bustling city that looked too picturesque to be real. Pastel colored buildings with large shutters, aged by the sun and salty sea, lined the streets in our panorama. In unison, in awe, we both said at once: “Now this is a honeymoon.”

The city simply doesn’t look real. Everything about the architecture, art in every direction you turn, and ambiance of calm, coastal bliss made us feel like we were living in a Disney movie. I half-expected people to break into song and dance as we walked through the Promenade du Paillon. Well, the people didn’t sing. Still, the mirrored water fountains shooting liquid crystal to the sky while seagulls sounded off in all directions sure kept the Disney-vibe alive and well while we made our way to the Airbnb.

“Nice is for honeymooning” escaped our excited mouths multiple times on the way to our Airbnb.

Oh goodness, and then there was our Airbnb — but let’s save that for next time.



Where to stay in Nice

Written by Megan. 

When we travel, we want to fully immerse ourselves to truly absorb the sense of being in a place. Well, as much as possible anyway. We have found ourselves steering further and further away from staying in hotels. Over the past year, we have been able to stay in some pretty incredible places. We spent our last Halloween in a beautiful vintage hotel in Seattle. We also celebrated Guy's 29th birthday in a quiet log cabin on an Alpaca Farm! This is all thanks to the wonderful hosts through AirBnB. 

Not only did we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of downtown Paris on our honeymoon, but we also found a spot blocks from the beach in Nice. We were able to get a sample of what life would be like if we were to live in these places. We truly enjoyed our place in Paris, but our apartment in Nice was just our style. It had the perfect combination of vintage and modern for our stay to be incredibly comfortable. It may have helped that our host had an almost identical couch as the one we have at home! 

On our stay, we unexpectedly spent our time well in our apartment as I felt ill on one of the days. This forced us to get cozy and relax at home. Even then, we still felt apart of the city-life as we could open the shutters and hear the bustle of restaurants below. We even got lucky and were able have a few live shows, right out our window! 


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How to do Paris in a day

Written by Guy.

Our first honeymooning day was a bit of wash. We were simply wiped out after  taking a redeye from Portland to Frankfurt, running to make a connecting flight to Paris, and then waiting at CDG for three hours. Although we hustled to make the flight to Paris, my bags did not. It was late evening and we were tired when we finally caught a taxi from the airport to our lovely Airbnb.

We woke up the next morning to a spotlight of sun and countless new sounds cheering in from the open window. Paris was alive and calling us downstairs. Trying to take in all the new sensations, it dawned on me suddenly that this was really our only day in Paris. A train to Nice awaited the next day. One day. It was time to make it count.

Megan has never been ready so fast. We were out the door and heading down THE Parisian streets by 10:30 and eating chocolate croissants at Chez Ribe. Although Paris has many wonders and sights worth seeing, our only concern in the sight-seeing department was the grandaddy of them all: the Eiffel Tower. Given the short time we had in Paris, we didn't want to force the day with one attraction after the other. Just two miles from our Airbnb, we headed north towards the great tower with our eyes wide, soaking in the architecture, food, and people that make Parisian life legendary.

The funny thing is that we saw nearly all the other sights throughout the day, by accident and chance. We marvelled at the Eiffel Tower for hours. Twenty minutes in one spot was simply not enough. Migrating from lawn to sidewalk to bridge, we became more astounded by its brilliance with each angle at which we viewed the Tower. By nearly two o’clock we were walking down the Seine exchanging our impressions of the city and looking desperately for somewhere with a meat-free menu — which was harder than you may think.

Instead of food we found the L’Arc de Triomphe. It stood tall and imposing in the roundabout center like a king. The cars seemed but subjects to the Arc’s rule. We dipped and dodged past cars speeding around the roundabout to see it more closely. Of course, we learned only after arriving in the center that there is an underground walkway that allows for safer travel. But what’s travel without some careless risk of life and limb!?

Excited yet hungry, we left the Arc in search of food and wine using the river as our guide (so Portland). In short time we found the food, some pizza and rosé at a food truck-like spot on the Seine — again, so Portland. Looking up, taking in, we also noticed that the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris was only a short walk away. So we took that walk.

There you have it. The three main Parisian attractions in one day, by accident, with several detours and pit-stops along the way. We saw architecture and fashion and everything you hear about Paris that it makes it sheer romance. What we also found were wonderfully kind people — everywhere. Late that night, while watching the Eiffel Tower now illuminated with flashing lights against the dark sky, we talked of the kindness of Parisians. Throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner and even on the metro — the people were kind and helpful. Merci.


Rehearsal Dinner Hunting

Written by Guy

My Mother never ceases to amaze me. Despite living across the country and only visiting Oregon once, she somehow found the perfect little venue for our wedding rehearsal dinner. It’s unreal.

Months before Megan and I would have started the search, my mom casually texts me a few Monday mornings ago and asks me if I have thought of a place yet. A place for what? I ask. We just booked the venue. I say.  Rehearsal dinners and other practical things were simply out of my mind, I think she could tell that I was clueless — or hopeless. Either way, she was there to my rescue (like always).

So one Sunday morning we took a drive to see Singer Hill Cafe — Oregon City’s best kept secret. This little cafe could be a wedding venue itself. It’s a wonderland of vertical gardens inside and out, and a myriad of goldfish ponds worked into and around the tables. Everywhere you look at Singer Hill there is life. It has positive energy, mixed with the perfect touch of tranquility and modern homeyness that we want for our wedding guests.

In other words: We loved it.

In three more words: Thank you Mother.