Onward to Baker City, Part I : Vista House

He writes in this font, she writes in this font.

We trekked in an easterly direction this past weekend to Baker City. A 312 mile voyage to be somewhat exact. While Google suggests that it takes 5 hours and some change to drive, we made in 11. Yes, eleven hours. You could say that we took the scenic route… and then some.

Although our final destination was magnificent, we are far from getting to that point yet. We have lots to show you from the drive. So much that it will take multiple posts to give you even a glimpse. For now, fast forwarding, our final destination was the Geiser Grand Hotel.

You may be asking: Why Eastern Oregon? And why in the middle of winter?

That’s simple. It was Megan’s last Christmas gift. For several months before that holiday in late December, Megan had mentioned her desire to travel to the eastern part of this glorious state. I took note. I did some research. After some finger-clicks to find a place and a lovely conversation with Barbara at the front desk, I had reserved our room at the historic Geiser Grand.

Along the drive on I-84, we made a few stops, had some adventures, and someone may have almost flirted with death a bit. That would be me...someone is incredibly clumsy and probably shouldn’t be so comfortable with cliffs.

Our first stop was Vista House. We arrived there at eight o’clock and were met by cold, gusty wind coming in strong waves like it was high-tide.



Wait for it...

We don't know who that man was, but he sure made us laugh!