Seaside Getaway

Written by Guy. 

Someone once told me: “Nobody takes you seriously until you’re 30.” Well, hello seriousness.

The weekend of my 30th birthday didn’t intersect with seriousness at any point. We sailed into Seaside on a breezy Friday afternoon. Immediately, the scene stole my senses, holding them hostage. There is something marvelous about the Oregon Coast on a cloudy day. The clouds hung over the deep blue water like they were begging to be painted. The waves crashed and roared against the coastline in musical warfare. It was a beauty that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

Within the glorious composition of storm and sound, I shared a perfect weekend with my favorite people. Megan and my dearest mother planned a weekend that was greater than any gift I could imagine receiving. We spent the weekend in a cottage by the beach. Talking. Laughing. Putting puzzles together while eating fondue. Doing nothing in particular except cherishing moments together that are treasures to forever keep. Oh, and Klaus was there too.

I know that I will always look back on my thirtieth birthday as a defining moment of happiness. Like a pillar, the salience of this experience soars skyward. It was perfect. There is little else I could say except that. Thank you, Megan and Mother, for everything in every way. 


One of the awesome gifts Guy's mom got him was this fondue kit. It was amazing! 


So much to Celebrate

Written by Megan.

It’s official! Guy passed the Oregon State Bar and is now able to go back to his passion of practicing law. This is not only an incredible accomplishment as Oregon has one of the toughest Bar exams in the country, but the journey here is what makes this achievement so sweet.

As many may already know, Guy moved to Oregon so that we could be together. This meant leaving his practice in Arizona behind and starting his new life with me in Oregon. To be frank, it was not only the most incredible act of commitment that I have ever experienced in my life, but it was the bravest decision I have ever been apart of. The whole thing sounds absolutely bonkers, if you really think about it.

I’ll summarize.

Two people randomly met while they are both visiting friends in LA. These two people meet in person and fall in love. These two people acknowledge that they live over 1,300 miles away from each other. These two people fly back and forth over the period of a few months to visit each other and the decision to be together is inevitable. A decision is made for someone to leave their current life to start a new one. They make that happen.

I know, thousands, if not millions of people make this magnitude of a choice all of the time. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that leaving what you have built for yourself and risking everything you have ever known to start something new, is a huge life change. We both know that being afraid of change is not something that will encourage a life of growth, rather it may perpetuate a life of stagnation. We want growth, improvement, and all the goodness that life can bring us.

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To the Tulips

Written by Megan.

Spring has sprung here in Portland, but has it really if we don’t share a post of us with some more biological proof? We finally made it. After years of hearing about these beautiful fields of flowers, we drove down to Woodburn to frolic in a field of spring itself.

We love the country. So much so that we plan to eventually leave the hustle and bustle of the city to be among the quiet and slowness of small-town life. We dream of a big house with a wraparound porch where our garden will grow, our pup can run free, and our future children can adventure in peace.

You see, that is what I know. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows your name, what you did the day before, and what you did that one day in second grade. In all actuality, it is what has made me the person I am today and I think it truly has taught me to be extra vigilant about my actions in my life and how to treat those around me like my neighbor.

We arrived at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and were delighted to find that parking was a breeze. Actually, it may have been because of the breeze. It was a pretty quiet day there, with not many people. It was also blustery with the heavy clouds above taunting us with rain drops every so often. We were lucky though, warmed by coffee, lovely staff, and tulips for days. I know the photos can probably speak for themselves here, but what a sight to see!  

We came for a quick visit just to see the flowers, but we know that there are a lot of other great things to enjoy at the festival including hot air balloon rides, wine tasting, hay rides, and shopping from local vendors.

We hope to come back next year, fingers crossed the weather will be better!

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Where to find the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival


Where to Find the Blossoms on the PDX Waterfront

Written by Megan.

Is it all a myth? No.

Are my photos fake? Definitely not.

Have the blossoms already gone? As of April 29th, 2017 -- Yes.  

It’s true, the beautiful spring time blooms that bring our rain riddled waterfront back to life actually do exist and we finally found them. I’m going to be as transparent as possible here because after one of my photos was reposted by Travel Portland on Instagram, there were several comments of people who were having trouble finding the blooms.

When Guy and I traveled down Naito Parkway on the morning of March 29th, 2017 we were determined to not stop our car until we embarked on at least one tree full of blossoms. We were almost about to give up on our journey when the streets of downtown blurred by… SW Yamhill, Morrison, and Stark. Still, no sign of a bloom. Then, nestled in between the Burnside Bridge and the Steel Bridge -- the most beautiful row of pink blooms ever!

There you have it. Mystery-solved. My guess is that the best time to trot down this way to view the blooms is from mid March to early April.

Where to find the blossoms