Local Blogger Spotlight: One Pot Slop

Written by Megan. 

We are so lucky to live in such a great place full of all kinds of wonderful things, including bloggers! I think Portland has so many hidden gems including its fashion. I am making assumptions here when I say that I don't think most people think of rainy Portland as a style and fashion hot spot, but trust me. Walk around our streets a bit, you will see all kinds of style. We have edgy folks donning lots of black, classy queens, the outdoorsman with impeccable cleanliness, and of course the hipster. I think something that makes the style of Portlanders so interesting is that we must be prepared for everything, so we must master layering. Thus, you will find lots of eclectic styles that don't fit into any sort of category. I would say the majority of people here don't play by the rules, we just do as we please while attempting to stay dry. 

I have made it my mission to learn more about other local bloggers. Rachel Cossette from One Pot Slop and I had lots of fun this summer taking photos, but she also graciously did an interview with me!

Check it out if you'd like to learn more about her blog! 

1.     Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Oh lord this question haha! I never know what to say so when this happens IRL I usually ask them what they want to know! I would say I am an out going person who loves to make other people laugh. I love my cat, reading real books, travel, and dressing up. My boyfriend is my best friend and my blog is my soul child and is always "in progress". I love both tea and coffee, always prefer savory over sweet, and believe that working on ourselves is the best work we can do. If you have any specific questions let me know =)

2.     What does your blog name mean?

I wanted a name that wasn't specific to any one thing I would be writing about, was personal to me, and unique. One Pot Slop was a dinner dish growing up that was basically Mac n Cheese with anything else you wanted to throw in there. OPS is like that, where my personal style is the base, and beauty, travel, and life articles are the extra goodies I throw in.

3.     When did you start blogging?

I started the blog about 3 years ago.

4.     Why do you blog?

I blog because I want to help people and make their lives easier by recommending products that might help them with beauty issues they have or provide inspiration for their daily life. You can read a full article I wrote about it here: http://www.onepotslop.com/why-i-blog/

5.     What is your blog about?

I write about my personal style, beauty favs, "life" (as I call this category), travel reviews, and a few recipes thrown in.

6.     What bloggers inspire you?

I love reading Chronicles of Frivolity for her ability to make you feel like you are best friends, and Brooklyn Blonde and Wendy's Lookbook for beautiful photography inspo. Sea of Shoes is also a great inspo blog and her food blog is mouth watering as well.

7.     How much time do you spend blogging?

I can't even really say because I work a full time job besides blogging so keeping track of the broken hours spent researching, writing emails, working at home, shooting, planning, writing, brainstorming... An honest guess would be 40 hours a week. I always say blogging is my full time job and my other is the "pays the bills" job! I think a lot of people can relate to that.

8.     How do you take your photos?

I work with other bloggers mostly to shoot the photos I'm in otherwise I take them myself, and I use my Canon Rebel and 50mm lens.

9.     What would you say is the biggest challenge in the blogger world?

The biggest challenge in the blogger world would have to be 1- building your audience and 2- not comparing your growth to other bloggers. Everyone grows as fast as they are meant to. I feel like blogging is a way to get to know yourself and that makes comparison pointless.

10. Do you have a favorite post?

My favorite posts of mine to write are always fall into the "Life" category. Two of my current favs you can read here(http://www.onepotslop.com/5-love-languages-book-review/) and here (http://www.onepotslop.com/how-to-get-through-a-breakup/)

Here are a few photos from our shoot from this summer: 


How to Wear a Square Scarf

Written by Megan.

I don’t know about you all, but I have an absurd amount of scarves. I tend to find the most unique retro scarves out vintage shopping, but how does one wear them? I found three super simple ways to add a nice touch to an outfit by throwing on a scarf.  


With newish short hair comes new challenges to doing my hair each day. Using a square scarf as a head wrap has been my new favorite thing.

How to:

  1. Lay scarf on a flat surface;

  2. Fold scarf in half by joining two of the opposite points together;

  3. Hold the scarf at the points of the folded edge;

  4. Place flat end at the bottom of your scalp;

  5. Knot these two ends together at your forehead;

  6. Pull the remaining point over the top of your head and tuck into the knot at front of forehead;

  7. Tighten knot and you are good to go!

Megan's outfit: Jeans:  Urban Outfitters BDG , Top:  H&M , Shoes:  Nine West , Bag:  Cole Haan

Megan's outfit: Jeans: Urban Outfitters BDG, Top: H&M, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Cole Haan


Nothing says retro flight attendant quite like the neck tie. This is also a great way to add some dimension to your look.

How to:  

  1. Lay scarf on a flat surface;

  2. Fold scarf in half by joining two of the opposite points together;

  3. From the flat end roll scarf to the point opposite the folded flat end;

  4. Place around neck making sure that the rolled point is inward touching the neck;

  5. Tie in a loose knot.  

Megan's outfit: Dress:  Boohoo , Shoes:  BP

Megan's outfit: Dress: Boohoo, Shoes: BP


As a soon-to-be grad student, I have been thinking of different ways to prepare myself for going back to school. Guy got me this fantastic bag as a congratulatory gift and to add a little more flair, I added the scarf to the top handle. This can be done on purses as well!  

Megan's outfit: Pants:  GAP , Sweater:  J. Crew , Shoes: S teve Madden , Bag:  Cole Haan

Megan's outfit: Pants: GAP, Sweater: J. Crew, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Cole Haan

 Do you know of other creative ways to wear a scarf?

Where to Find the Blossoms on the PDX Waterfront

Written by Megan.

Is it all a myth? No.

Are my photos fake? Definitely not.

Have the blossoms already gone? As of April 29th, 2017 -- Yes.  

It’s true, the beautiful spring time blooms that bring our rain riddled waterfront back to life actually do exist and we finally found them. I’m going to be as transparent as possible here because after one of my photos was reposted by Travel Portland on Instagram, there were several comments of people who were having trouble finding the blooms.

When Guy and I traveled down Naito Parkway on the morning of March 29th, 2017 we were determined to not stop our car until we embarked on at least one tree full of blossoms. We were almost about to give up on our journey when the streets of downtown blurred by… SW Yamhill, Morrison, and Stark. Still, no sign of a bloom. Then, nestled in between the Burnside Bridge and the Steel Bridge -- the most beautiful row of pink blooms ever!

There you have it. Mystery-solved. My guess is that the best time to trot down this way to view the blooms is from mid March to early April.

Where to find the blossoms 


Oh wow, it's July?

Written by Guy 

June was a blur. Between camping trips, serious wedding planning, and a few trips to Sauvie Island — we had zero time to sit down at the computer and type the details of our adventures. I realized this morning, as  sporadic fireworks split the morning air into countless fiery pieces, that it was now patriotic July. No, no longer June, not even for another day.

Really, I realized that we have been slacking. Negligent. Not on our “A game.”

So now we are back to fill you in on our summer adventures. Wedding planning sits high on the list of activities. With three months to go it seems that we spend most weekend time doing some sort of wedding planning… ummm or more specifically wedding shopping.

Today for instance we were searching the Beaverton-Tigard thrift store scene for wedding accessories. Here is a list of what we hoped to find (store in parenthesis if we found it):

  1. One old, clean trunk for wedding cards (The Garage Sale Warehouse);

  2. Escort card platter (Goodwill);

  3. Table seating display (Union Gospel Mission);

  4. Wholesale Flowers — though not at a thrift store; and

  5. Yarn/Ribbon for bouquets.

Fun fact: Escort cards are the little cards that tell people where to sit and allow them to call dibs on a particular seat at a certain table. These are useful at weddings, conventions, or a large gathering of any kind where you need to herd people gently while still letting them feel empowered. Yeah, you choose one of eight seats at that table and then sit down, that’s your seat.

If wedding brain isn’t a term yet, I’m coining it.

We have a busy and fun July to share with you. Hopefully it makes up for June. Up next we have Sauvie Island days, pool party evenings, a couple trips to some awesome local museums (to beat the heat, a trip to Chicago/Indianapolis for a dear friend’s wedding, and a long awaited parent trip to cap the month. Cue fireworks of excitement and explosive smiles… oh wait, those are actual fireworks exploding outside.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!