Where have we been?

Written by Megan. 

Wedding planning, that's where. 

We are currently 37 days, 16 hours, 11 minutes, and 23 seconds away from wedding day. But who is counting anyway? 

Our lives, as of recent, have been consumed by planning, planning, and a little more planning. We understand why they say getting through the wedding is the first challenge of marriage. We have seen each other's true desires, preferences, and favorite flowers. We have also discovered how incredibly lucky we are to be doing this all as best friends should: challenging each other's thoughts and becoming even stronger partners in life. 

Here are a few of the other things we have been up to lately (many of these will be making it onto the blog in the very near future): 

  • We moved to the South Waterfront in Portland, 
  • I got a new job at the Department of Justice,
  • We went to Indianapolis to celebrate our friend's wedding,
  • Travelled to South Bend for Megan to see Notre Dame (Guy's Alma Mater),
  • Enjoyed a visit from Guy's parents,
  • We have been booking photoshoots, 
  • Developing partnerships with local companies,
  • I have been taking college classes and preparing for grad school, 
  • We have been eating yummy Blue Aprons, 
  • Taking notes on things to do after the wedding, 
  • Going to book club,
  • Camping,
  • Getting tan at Sauvie Island,
  • And of course, loving each other! 

Is that really it?! 

It seems that we have been so busy that I have forgotten some things that we have done. That sounds a lot like adult life. We have been talking about time lately and how at this point in our lives, we are in a pivotal period in which we seem to be in such a rush. We are in a hurry to succeed as fast as we possibly can, so that we can age and begin to breathe into the lives we have created. 

When does it slow down?

We are not so sure, but we hope that it is sometime soon. People in their mid to late twenties seem to be holding on to their youth, yet having internal panic attacks because we are obsessed with the future working out. We see this in ourselves as we begin to ponder how life will be as we age together through marriage. We also see this in our friends and other people our age as they refuse, "to settle." What is to settle anyway? To us, we are closing one chapter and beginning the next. You can't move on throughout life's story if you continue to stay in the same chapter, now can you? But, however one chooses to live their life, as long as they are gleaming with happiness, that is all that matters. We are reminded of one of our favorite books by Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet" (the first book Guy sent me).

Gibran says, "The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream." 

The future - are we ready for it?

We know one thing for sure: 

We are always ready to dream. 


Photos by the inspiring 16-year-old Savannah Faith. See more of her work below and here: http://www.savannahfaithphotography.com/home/




An Oregon Coast Engagement

Written by Megan.

Third time's the charm! Or was it four?

That’s how many times we had to reschedule with our good friend Ed Dasso and his lovely wife Lyric for engagement photos. Oregon Coast weather predictability is about as good as predicting the next US President. You aren’t sure if you even want to know the final results.

Rescheduling is not all that bad, this allowed us the time to really plan out the shoot. Ed was even able to make a pre-shoot trip to scout out locations. Guy and I looked over several inspirational engagement ideas and we discussed our aspirations.

Our outfit ideas may have changed over this time, but one thing did not. We simply had to shoot at the dunes. I had visions of sweeping sand and a stunning horizon. I knew Ed would be able to capture these visions perfectly.

You see, Ed and I have been shooting together since 2011. I recall my first experience working with Ed and Lyric. I was initially impressed by them and then their work. They have true love and respect for each other. That is something so wonderfully rare to see.

Something else unique about Ed’s work is that he uses film. It’s funny that this is a rarity when it used to be all we had with which to work. I am always excited to see what he is able to capture with his variety of cameras he packs along to each shoot. I swear each time he pulls out a new film camera it causes me a brief moment of camera gear swooning.

We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our shoot and are proud to say Ed will be shooting our wedding too. Ed is incredibly talented and an inspiration. We have shared them below for you to enjoy!

Please check out more of Ed's work here: Ed Dasso Photography




Lucia Falls with Jessie Christensen

He writes in this font, she writes in this font. 

We made a new friend. The talented photographer, Jessie Christensen. 

For weeks and weeks, maybe months, Megan has been commenting “this girl takes incredible photos” while staring at her phone intently. This initiates twenty minutes or so of IG stalking and mass double-taps on the screen. Megan being so impressed piqued my interest and in no time we were both fans of Jessie’s work.

The likes went both ways. We were overjoyed to learn that Jessie seemed to appreciate Megan’s work as well. Instagram bringing photographers together, who could imagine that happening? It truly is wonderful how such a simple idea could create such a convenient way of bringing people together. 

After some back and forth planning, Megan and I were crossing the river to meet our new friend. As you can see below, Jessie showed us an amazing place near her home: Lucia Falls. A place where she has spent summers playing in the river and studying tide-pools with her family. It’s a place she has shot with her husband, crossing the shallow, rocky shore at low-tide to explore small islands jetting forward and crowned by the sun. An intimate place. We realized how dramatically this river changes through out the year as Jessie described how easy is it to cross the river in the summer. What we experienced was a charging wall of icy water forcing its way over the massive rocks. There was no crossing it. I imagined how unfortunate a fall would be into its dynamism. 

Our shoot with Jessie felt intimate and warm. She shared about her passions and experiences while we roamed around the river discovering a new friendship among the shadows and cool, misty air. I have a great appreciation for Guy during the brief moment Jessie and I geeked out over gear and our favorite photographers, including their life dramas. 

In turn Megan and I talked about our hopes, dreams, and manic love for each other. Nothing new, of course. It’s remarkable and funny and as simple as this: we met shaking hands and left with heartfelt hugs. Now enjoy Jessie’s photos and know they came from an unbelievably inspiring person.

New Holiday Traditions

This post written by Guy. 

The date of our engagement, which depended on the arrival of the ring, was glorious coincidence.

Sidenote #1: It was not “a glorious coincidence.” It was not one mere example of a greater phenomenon, not a casual run-in with destiny that you could confuse with other such experiences. No, it was one-of-a-kind, never forget it, perfect connection with fate.

Sidenote #2: Google Search defines Coincidence as “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” Exchange a for the and that definition is right on the money.

Here are the events that quite remarkably concurred on the day that I engaged her.

  1. The ring arrived (we covered that already).

  2. Our special date night, which was planned independent of the first event.

Regarding the special date night. Several weeks ago my most dearest Mother purchased tickets for us to see The Nutcracker. Always impeccably wonderful, Mother wanted us to do something that reminded me of home and put us in the holiday spirit. It reminded me of home because I have been going to see The Nutcracker for several years, often alone, because I simply love the story. Thank you Mother, Merry Christmas.

Now that we had something to do, I wanted to make it into an event. Yes, I italicized the last two words of that sentence to connote something more grand and elaborate than simply going to see a ballet.  I kept thinking to myself, “This is our first Christmas together and I want to make it special, I want to make it memorable.”  The best way to accomplish that goal, I thought, was to plan a night out that would give her some of her absolute favorite things: fine food, elegant clothes, live performance, and plenty of photo opportunities. The last one really goes without saying.

The elegant clothing was an easy one, I knew Megan would suggest that we dress up to the occasion of attending a ballet from the onset. The only remaining questions were where to stay and where to eat. As fate would have it, one building housed the answers to both questions.

Looking at hotels near Keller Auditorium, my eyes quickly caught notice of Hotel Modera. This is because it is only 526 feet separate it from Keller, the decor is a collaboration between classic elegance and modern coolness, and it has a restaurant (Nel Centro) that is everything I wanted for the occasion. Perfection.

A few clicks later I had a special night planned, purchased, and ready to present to Megan.

If you read our last post, you know that I proposed the morning of this special date night. Imagine our excitement: her shocking, dumbfounded disbelief when I knelt down and asked; my unspeakable, indescribable awe when she answered; and our crying, kissing hysteria that ensued afterward and all in a moment.  

Now we were off on this special date night. I’ll repeat the last portion of this post’s first sentence — it was glorious coincidence. It was truly remarkable how events concurred, aligned, came together to create a day that we will never forget.

And the night was perfect. Megan looked like a Hollywood icon from yesteryear in her beautiful dress and with her hair up like Audrey Hepburn: pure grace and refinement. The food, which we did not get to photograph because the camera died, was delicious and tasted like elegance.* Lastly, but most splendidly, the show was better than I have ever seen. Perhaps the ballerinas, from the little adorable mice to the Sugar Plum Fairy, were simply better performers. That’s certainly possible considering the incredible feats of delicate control the little Fairy displayed. More likely though, the night was perfect because I got to experience everything while holding the hand of my future wife and home.

It was magic to look over and see her smiling, wondrous face enjoying the show. It was heaven to look down in her lap to see her hands holding mine tightly and the ring shining brightly up at us both.

She said "yes"

This post written by Guy.

We got engaged! Yes, I engaged her! (coining that term)

Last Friday morning, about 10am, I felt my pocket vibrate twice. Buzz. Buzz. The vibrations were long and spaced about fifteen seconds apart. This is relevant only because it let me know that I received two emails, not texts. Sitting in a meeting, I was unable to look at my phone — but the anticipation of those emails set my mind racing.

For several weeks now I have been on pins and needles, waiting. Specifically, I had been waiting for a shipping confirmation email from Miss Heidi Gibson. If you don’t know, Heidi Gibson makes some of the most elegant and timeless engagement rings you will ever see. So, even more specifically, I was waiting on notification that my ring was ready and shipped so that I could officially ask Megan to be my wife and companion for the rest of our lives.

Entirely incapable of explaining why, I just knew those two punctuated vibrations in my pocket were from Heidi. Needless to say, my heart was beating excitedly and I lost what was said towards the end of that meeting.

 “I have good news! Your ring has been shipped! Woo!”

That’s how Heidi began her email. I read it over and over again, at least twenty times, staring at my phone screen with a feeling flowing in me somewhere at the intersection of utter shock, absolute joy, and child-like wonder. There are no words. It was just bliss to read those words.

Now let’s jump forward to Saturday morning. I had been giving my absolute best effort to keep this monumental secret from Megan. For nearly 24 hours now I had been suppressing the tugging urge to tell her everything and propose before the ring even arrived.

Fun Fact: I am incapable of keeping secrets from Megan. For the past three weeks, I keep giving her Christmas presents early because I am too excited to wait. It got expensive.

We were getting ready for a staycation weekend in Downtown Portland (but I’ll get to that adventure in the next post.) My phone vibrated again, this time on the bathroom counter as we both were stepping out of the shower. Buzz-buzz. The vibrations this time were close together and much shorter, like stutter steps. It was a text message.

 “It’s here!!”

Megan’s sister had been on lookout duty for me to make sure Megan didn’t see the package arrive. I read the text, my heart skipped three beats, and I hurriedly threw on joggers and ran down stairs. Opening the Fedex package in the garage with Priscilla, my hands were shaking. The ring was perfection, it glowed with the supernatural beauty an item endowed with eternal power. Instantly I knew, this is my Wife’s ring — Her ring.

 “When are you going to propose? Tonight?” ~ Priscilla.

Now. Not tomorrow, not tonight, not later today. Now. It was the only response that made sense. I knew the day that I met Megan that I loved her and wanted to marry her. In my mind, I had been waiting six months to ask the question already. I simply could not accept waiting any longer.

Quickly, huddling for a team meeting, Priscilla, Sentilla (Megan’s sisters), and I devised a plan for the proposal so that we could capture it all on camera — of course. Meanwhile, Megan was clueless upstairs getting ready. This was our plan: I would suggest to Sentilla and Priscilla that one of them take a few pictures of us before we head out. During the impromptu and entirely unplanned photo session, I would “pop the question.”

The next hour of waiting for Megan to get ready was a blur. I vaguely remember watching Elf, actively trying to not rush Megan, and brushing my teeth. My memory of everything else is clouded by the delightful surge of excited anxiety that overwhelmed my consciousness. I felt like a kid asking a girl to a dance for the first time. Picture a ten year old boy, bow tie, holding a single flower and rose-red from blushing: that was me.

Meanwhile she was clueless.

That was my day leading up to the moment my life changed forever. I wish I could tell you how I proposed, but that memory is a feeling that no words could capture. Like a symphony of impulses, kisses, and sentiment, explaining how I asked Megan to marry me would be as silly and fruitless as discussing why music moves us. It just does.

Fortunately, Sentilla caught the whole thing on camera and I am forever grateful for that.

We are engaged. I engaged her.