The beauty of dating your spouse

At almost two years of marriage, we are still dating each other. Yes, we see each other every day, but there is something different about leaving our normal routines and environment. We get to sit down somewhere to completely focus on each other. Our goal is to have at least one date a week. Even if it is just to grab coffee and desserts from one of our favorite downtown spots.

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So much to Celebrate

Written by Megan.

It’s official! Guy passed the Oregon State Bar and is now able to go back to his passion of practicing law. This is not only an incredible accomplishment as Oregon has one of the toughest Bar exams in the country, but the journey here is what makes this achievement so sweet.

As many may already know, Guy moved to Oregon so that we could be together. This meant leaving his practice in Arizona behind and starting his new life with me in Oregon. To be frank, it was not only the most incredible act of commitment that I have ever experienced in my life, but it was the bravest decision I have ever been apart of. The whole thing sounds absolutely bonkers, if you really think about it.

I’ll summarize.

Two people randomly met while they are both visiting friends in LA. These two people meet in person and fall in love. These two people acknowledge that they live over 1,300 miles away from each other. These two people fly back and forth over the period of a few months to visit each other and the decision to be together is inevitable. A decision is made for someone to leave their current life to start a new one. They make that happen.

I know, thousands, if not millions of people make this magnitude of a choice all of the time. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that leaving what you have built for yourself and risking everything you have ever known to start something new, is a huge life change. We both know that being afraid of change is not something that will encourage a life of growth, rather it may perpetuate a life of stagnation. We want growth, improvement, and all the goodness that life can bring us.

Megan's outfit: 

Guy's outfit: 



Last Arrival

We only have days left.

I don’t know if that thought has officially sunk in yet. We now only have days until Guy makes the big move from Phoenix to Portland. This is the moment that I have been waiting for since we met! It’s incredible to think about the beautiful connection that Guy and I have been able to preserve while we have been 1,300 miles apart. The distance has not been easy.

No more flights, no more long phone calls, no more face time, no more missing each other. Okay, I’m sure we will still do some of these things, just a lot less frequently.

Guy arrived at PDX from PHX for the last time this weekend. He will finally be assimilating into Oregonian life on Tuesday. The next flight in our schedule will be my one-way from PDX. Once I land in Phoenix, we will immediately be heading right back up to Portland, this time by way of Guy’s car.

Road trip! Rather than driving straight through to Portland, we are making it into a mini-sightseeing vacation. Along the way, we will capture the beauty of Arizona, California, and Oregon. Yes, we are taking the scenic route. 

Speaking of adventures, this Friday when I went to pick Guy up from the airport was one in itself. I started my day driving from Waldport to Lincoln City to be a panelist for the American Leadership Forum. It was a lovely meeting at a beautiful vacation rental, just steps from the beach. I sat in a circle with a small group of influential Oregon leaders and shared my perspective of working in the Siletz community.

After a lively meeting, I was off with a carload of belongings towards suburbia i.e, our new home. 30 minutes before reaching the house, CRASH!. Next thing I knew, I was taking photos of insurance cards, blankly staring at the radiator fluid spewing out of the bottom of my car, and carefully looking for the nearest auto repair shop. All the while I was A) Hoping my car wouldn’t blow up; B) Telling myself that crying over a car is for babies; and C) Convincing myself that I am a responsible adult and I have wanted a new car anyway! 

 I broke the news to Guy as he was boarding his flight to PDX. I tried to stay cool as a cucumber, but Guy knows all when it comes to things that would stress me out. He immediately knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.

Yes, I got into a car accident. Luckily, the only thing damaged was my car and a little bit of my ego, as I was at fault. With Guy’s advice and my sister’s support (and car), I was able to get up to the airport to pick Guy up for the last time.

Life can’t always be easy because, well, that’s just life. The day had a little more excitement than expected, but the show still went on. We even have the photos to prove it. (Thanks again Priscilla! Didn’t she do a great job?)




An Abundance of Change

He writes in this font,  she writes in this font. 

We are in an exciting state of transition. 

You may have noticed that we are posting slightly less than usual for the past couple weeks. This is because it has been an absurdly hectic time for us — even more so than usual. As I write this, my apartment looks like a war zone of boxes, books scattered in every conceivable place, and cleaning supplies. It’s a chaotic mess that lacks any definitive order. 

Likewise, I imagine Megan’s apartment in Portland looks somewhat similar. I envision shoes and art supplies all over the place, perhaps a confused little dog playing in the mayhem and trying to figure out what the heck is happening. Imagine it looking even worse than that! I feel like I haven’t even made a dent! How is it possible to accumulate so much stuff in such a short amount of time? How?  

These are the joys of moving. 

None of this dims the absolute, stupendous excitement of us living together! Not in the slightest. It’s true! I don’t think I have ever been more excited about anything! It even beats that Christmas in 1998 when I got a Nintendo 64. It beats all Christmas excitement and pre-disneyland feelings ever or that matter. We just got the keys to our new place this past weekend. Well, Megan got the keys  — I only have constructive possession at this point. Still, we have a home!! The sad part about this is that Guy wasn’t able to share the “entering the new home” moment with me. But, I will get to share his experience doing just that this weekend! He actually hasn’t seen the house at all, besides photos and my obnoxious commentary-filled Snapchats. This is basically all we have talked about recently and we cannot wait to share the move-in process in all its glory with you all! 

This weekend I will fly to Portland to help move all of Megan’s stuff into our home.  All of it? I love how optimistic you are! The next weekend we are driving my belongings up from Arizona. Road Trip! 

So bear with us while we move and have less time for writing and posting on the blog. We will be back in no time with more adventures and lots of incredible photos of Portland. Also, we have an exciting new project to unveil soon. Stay tuned! 



Mark your calendars

He writes in this font,  she writes in this font. 

Where to start? 

It's Friday night as I write this and it has been quite the week. Now I'm sitting at my desk, counting the hours, minutes, and seconds until Megan arrives here in Arizona. Truthfully, I picked up my Ipad to write this with an ambitious hope that it would make the time fly by just a bit faster. The nine days since we said goodbye at the Portland Airport have felt like twice as many lifetimes (that's eighteen if you are keeping count).  It's interesting how time is such a constant measurement, yet depending on what is to come next, it seems to change in judgement. On the days we are apart, it feels like eternity for each sunset to fall. The days together never seem to be long enough. And this time I am especially excited to show Megan around Phoenix, much more so than usual... I didn't know that was possible. 

Why? Well let's see: 

We have brunch plans with my Mother, which should be a nice time.  I have been looking forward to this part of the visit for weeks! I finally get to meet Guy's Mother.  The weather is finally cooling off, so we can actually go on a hike, run some errands, or even just walk from the car to my apartment without cursing the world. That should be enjoyable. This is also the last time Megan will come visit me in Arizona. I guess that makes the trip a little nostalgic. After I move to Portland in three weeks, I doubt we will come back for a while. 

Oh yeah, I am moving to PDX on October 26. As in three weeks from now.  Let's re-read that. Guy is moving to Portland on Oct. 26th. To live with me. In our home together. No more missing each other, except while we are at work. No more long phone calls full of saying "I miss you so much it hurts" and "we only have three sleeps left." We will then have no sleeps left to wait to see each other! This thought makes me feel like the happiest woman on Earth. 

That's what I meant when I said this has been quite the week. I wasn't lying. Monday morning I officially gave notice of my resignation. 

The feeling was bitter-sweet, though overwhelmingly the latter. It was a long, hard battle through law school and finding employment as an attorney. The work kept coming as I gained experience by over-committing myself to trial after trial. Being a lawyer has been part of my identity for the majority of the last decade. That's the bitter part: I will no longer be a practicing attorney in three weeks. 

But the reward is sweet, double-fudge sundae sweet. I'm letting go of a profession and gaining a future. There are no words to express the absolute elation that I feel knowing there are only a few more sleeps that I have to spend without Megan next to me. Truly, I have no words for it. I'm sitting here trying to type something to express how I feel and there is... an ongoing ellipses of thought on my head because it can't decipher my heart. 

So let's move on! 

Mark your calendars! I can assure you that we have marked ours.  Oh, we are counting down! October 26, 2015 signifies the beginning of a new book in our lives. One we can truly write together. The next few months will be exciting, terrifying, and everything in between. We have a lot planned. We look forward to sharing it with you. 

That's all.