To the Tulips

Written by Megan.

Spring has sprung here in Portland, but has it really if we don’t share a post of us with some more biological proof? We finally made it. After years of hearing about these beautiful fields of flowers, we drove down to Woodburn to frolic in a field of spring itself.

We love the country. So much so that we plan to eventually leave the hustle and bustle of the city to be among the quiet and slowness of small-town life. We dream of a big house with a wraparound porch where our garden will grow, our pup can run free, and our future children can adventure in peace.

You see, that is what I know. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows your name, what you did the day before, and what you did that one day in second grade. In all actuality, it is what has made me the person I am today and I think it truly has taught me to be extra vigilant about my actions in my life and how to treat those around me like my neighbor.

We arrived at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and were delighted to find that parking was a breeze. Actually, it may have been because of the breeze. It was a pretty quiet day there, with not many people. It was also blustery with the heavy clouds above taunting us with rain drops every so often. We were lucky though, warmed by coffee, lovely staff, and tulips for days. I know the photos can probably speak for themselves here, but what a sight to see!  

We came for a quick visit just to see the flowers, but we know that there are a lot of other great things to enjoy at the festival including hot air balloon rides, wine tasting, hay rides, and shopping from local vendors.

We hope to come back next year, fingers crossed the weather will be better!

Megan's outfit: 

Guy's outfit: 


Where to find the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival


Where have we been?

Written by Megan. 

Wedding planning, that's where. 

We are currently 37 days, 16 hours, 11 minutes, and 23 seconds away from wedding day. But who is counting anyway? 

Our lives, as of recent, have been consumed by planning, planning, and a little more planning. We understand why they say getting through the wedding is the first challenge of marriage. We have seen each other's true desires, preferences, and favorite flowers. We have also discovered how incredibly lucky we are to be doing this all as best friends should: challenging each other's thoughts and becoming even stronger partners in life. 

Here are a few of the other things we have been up to lately (many of these will be making it onto the blog in the very near future): 

  • We moved to the South Waterfront in Portland, 
  • I got a new job at the Department of Justice,
  • We went to Indianapolis to celebrate our friend's wedding,
  • Travelled to South Bend for Megan to see Notre Dame (Guy's Alma Mater),
  • Enjoyed a visit from Guy's parents,
  • We have been booking photoshoots, 
  • Developing partnerships with local companies,
  • I have been taking college classes and preparing for grad school, 
  • We have been eating yummy Blue Aprons, 
  • Taking notes on things to do after the wedding, 
  • Going to book club,
  • Camping,
  • Getting tan at Sauvie Island,
  • And of course, loving each other! 

Is that really it?! 

It seems that we have been so busy that I have forgotten some things that we have done. That sounds a lot like adult life. We have been talking about time lately and how at this point in our lives, we are in a pivotal period in which we seem to be in such a rush. We are in a hurry to succeed as fast as we possibly can, so that we can age and begin to breathe into the lives we have created. 

When does it slow down?

We are not so sure, but we hope that it is sometime soon. People in their mid to late twenties seem to be holding on to their youth, yet having internal panic attacks because we are obsessed with the future working out. We see this in ourselves as we begin to ponder how life will be as we age together through marriage. We also see this in our friends and other people our age as they refuse, "to settle." What is to settle anyway? To us, we are closing one chapter and beginning the next. You can't move on throughout life's story if you continue to stay in the same chapter, now can you? But, however one chooses to live their life, as long as they are gleaming with happiness, that is all that matters. We are reminded of one of our favorite books by Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet" (the first book Guy sent me).

Gibran says, "The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream." 

The future - are we ready for it?

We know one thing for sure: 

We are always ready to dream. 


Photos by the inspiring 16-year-old Savannah Faith. See more of her work below and here:




Rehearsal Dinner Hunting

Written by Guy

My Mother never ceases to amaze me. Despite living across the country and only visiting Oregon once, she somehow found the perfect little venue for our wedding rehearsal dinner. It’s unreal.

Months before Megan and I would have started the search, my mom casually texts me a few Monday mornings ago and asks me if I have thought of a place yet. A place for what? I ask. We just booked the venue. I say.  Rehearsal dinners and other practical things were simply out of my mind, I think she could tell that I was clueless — or hopeless. Either way, she was there to my rescue (like always).

So one Sunday morning we took a drive to see Singer Hill Cafe — Oregon City’s best kept secret. This little cafe could be a wedding venue itself. It’s a wonderland of vertical gardens inside and out, and a myriad of goldfish ponds worked into and around the tables. Everywhere you look at Singer Hill there is life. It has positive energy, mixed with the perfect touch of tranquility and modern homeyness that we want for our wedding guests.

In other words: We loved it.

In three more words: Thank you Mother.


An Oregon Coast Engagement

Written by Megan.

Third time's the charm! Or was it four?

That’s how many times we had to reschedule with our good friend Ed Dasso and his lovely wife Lyric for engagement photos. Oregon Coast weather predictability is about as good as predicting the next US President. You aren’t sure if you even want to know the final results.

Rescheduling is not all that bad, this allowed us the time to really plan out the shoot. Ed was even able to make a pre-shoot trip to scout out locations. Guy and I looked over several inspirational engagement ideas and we discussed our aspirations.

Our outfit ideas may have changed over this time, but one thing did not. We simply had to shoot at the dunes. I had visions of sweeping sand and a stunning horizon. I knew Ed would be able to capture these visions perfectly.

You see, Ed and I have been shooting together since 2011. I recall my first experience working with Ed and Lyric. I was initially impressed by them and then their work. They have true love and respect for each other. That is something so wonderfully rare to see.

Something else unique about Ed’s work is that he uses film. It’s funny that this is a rarity when it used to be all we had with which to work. I am always excited to see what he is able to capture with his variety of cameras he packs along to each shoot. I swear each time he pulls out a new film camera it causes me a brief moment of camera gear swooning.

We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our shoot and are proud to say Ed will be shooting our wedding too. Ed is incredibly talented and an inspiration. We have shared them below for you to enjoy!

Please check out more of Ed's work here: Ed Dasso Photography