Happy beginnings. Strange movies. Date Night.

He writes in this font, she writes in this font.

Wonderful things happen when you embrace change, however minimal, and let necessity guide the course of a day. Or in this case a date.

Our plan last Saturday, the one that wasn’t rainy, was to enjoy happy hour at Bartini to initiate Date Night. Well, alas, Bartini was packed to the brim with people sharing our idea for enjoying the weather and weekend day at sunset. Walking aimlessly down 23rd Avenue thinking of where to go instead, a new dilemma met us on the path.

“My bra is falling… it’s literally at my belly button… also my jacket is bulky over my blazer and dress, but i’m cold.” Haha! Yeah, that sounds about right. I was, to say the least, incredibly uncomfortable. They say beauty is pain, but will someone start making things that, I don’t know, fits an actual woman’s body?  

On top of this, though under here, we were hungry — first world starving.

Stopping on our path to consider this problem, we turned our eyes left to find a solution waiting like the cliche fate of 90’s teen movies. Less abstractly, there were two businesses that could satisfy all these little issues: Uptown Billiards Club and Crossroad Trading Company.

“Okay darling, here is the strategy:

  1. Let’s duck into this pool bar so you can take off that vexing bra;

  2. Order something delicious to quiet the hangry;

  3. Drink something more delicious for revival;

  4. and then step into Crossroad so you can ditch the blazer for something more suitable.

Ready, break!”

Two tequila concoctions, some baked brie, and a sweater purchase later everything was just fine. I may have also found a steal of deal and picked up some Oliberte shoes.

Nothing special, but it was special nonetheless. As we walked back down towards 23rd Avenue, then a right on Hoyt, we laughed at how a falling bra turned to finding a perfect, quiet place for brie and satisfying drinks, then some bargain deals. More though, we were smiling because the night became more memorable merely because it did not go to plan. I guess the best things inevitably happen that way, for us anyhow.  

The movie was not worth reviewing by the way; strange. (Anomalisa) I still don’t know what to think of that film… it just, wasn’t for us.





Last Arrival

We only have days left.

I don’t know if that thought has officially sunk in yet. We now only have days until Guy makes the big move from Phoenix to Portland. This is the moment that I have been waiting for since we met! It’s incredible to think about the beautiful connection that Guy and I have been able to preserve while we have been 1,300 miles apart. The distance has not been easy.

No more flights, no more long phone calls, no more face time, no more missing each other. Okay, I’m sure we will still do some of these things, just a lot less frequently.

Guy arrived at PDX from PHX for the last time this weekend. He will finally be assimilating into Oregonian life on Tuesday. The next flight in our schedule will be my one-way from PDX. Once I land in Phoenix, we will immediately be heading right back up to Portland, this time by way of Guy’s car.

Road trip! Rather than driving straight through to Portland, we are making it into a mini-sightseeing vacation. Along the way, we will capture the beauty of Arizona, California, and Oregon. Yes, we are taking the scenic route. 

Speaking of adventures, this Friday when I went to pick Guy up from the airport was one in itself. I started my day driving from Waldport to Lincoln City to be a panelist for the American Leadership Forum. It was a lovely meeting at a beautiful vacation rental, just steps from the beach. I sat in a circle with a small group of influential Oregon leaders and shared my perspective of working in the Siletz community.

After a lively meeting, I was off with a carload of belongings towards suburbia i.e, our new home. 30 minutes before reaching the house, CRASH!. Next thing I knew, I was taking photos of insurance cards, blankly staring at the radiator fluid spewing out of the bottom of my car, and carefully looking for the nearest auto repair shop. All the while I was A) Hoping my car wouldn’t blow up; B) Telling myself that crying over a car is for babies; and C) Convincing myself that I am a responsible adult and I have wanted a new car anyway! 

 I broke the news to Guy as he was boarding his flight to PDX. I tried to stay cool as a cucumber, but Guy knows all when it comes to things that would stress me out. He immediately knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.

Yes, I got into a car accident. Luckily, the only thing damaged was my car and a little bit of my ego, as I was at fault. With Guy’s advice and my sister’s support (and car), I was able to get up to the airport to pick Guy up for the last time.

Life can’t always be easy because, well, that’s just life. The day had a little more excitement than expected, but the show still went on. We even have the photos to prove it. (Thanks again Priscilla! Didn’t she do a great job?)




Pittock Mansion

He writes in this font, she writes in font.

"I want to show you something... I think you'll love it." Megan told me as we relaxed on the couch after a productive little work session. It was last Saturday afternoon and the day was outstandingly beautiful, warm, sunny, and the perfect touch of breezy.

Throwing outfits together quickly, we were in the car and on our way to this mystery location in under fifteen minutes. I mention the quick turnaround time because she usually takes about four times as long as me to be ready... or maybe I am just impatient. Hey! I don't take that long.

As we left the urban landscape  of the Pearl District and the road started winding, I wondered where we could possibly be going. I’m not sure how long we drove. It didn’t seem very far, but I cannot be sure because I was mesmerized by the beauty of lush forest, shade, and fresh air. These are novelties to me still — nothing but dirt and plants that could prick you with spiney needles surround Phoenix. Isn't it incredible that we can find such natural peace within the city limits of Portland? It always amazes me. 

“Next right: Pittock Mansion

The sign caught my attention and I asked, “Darling, is that where we are going?” She smiled, but did not respond. It was a sneaky smile if you ask me. A few turns, zigs, and some zags later she was searching for a parking spot as I gazed — awestruck — at the beautiful home on top of a hill.  

She was right, I was amazed. I knew you would be! Pittock mansion is one of my favorite places in all of PDX. In addition to the views and elegance of the mansion itself, Henry Pittock's story blew me away more than anything. Yes, I am a history nerd and love to learn about extraordinary people that build a world out of their own will power. I pulled out my phone and googled for more information after reading the brief summary of Mr. Pittock's life at the entrance.

How inspiring. This man moved west with nothing and laid the groundwork for Portland out of his own vision and work ethic. Dreamily, Megan and I talked about our own plans to work hard and build something meaningful in the Rose City community that we love. #Letsbuildsomethingtogether is our new mantra.

Megan's friends came to meet us a short while later for a little camera tutorial. Honestly, I am not too sure what they discussed because at that point I got lost in a book. I lose sense of everything around me when I start reading. Leo Tolstoy's The Law of Love and the Law of Violence is certainly an engrossing book that kept me captivated.

Recently, my friend Sanja asked for my advice on purchasing a new camera. I have been eyeing the Fujifilm X Series for quite some time after a few of my fellow photographer friends showed me theirs. It was love at first sight (or shutter-close?).  Fujifilm X Series are not only the most adorable and timeless designed little mirrorless things, but they are incredibly powerful. I will refrain from getting too nerdy, but if you are looking for a small camera with a full-sized sensor to capture everything from portraits to landscapes, this is the little camera to buy. Consequently, Sanja purchased one and while Guy was reading, I gave her and our friend Christina a crash course on using their cameras manually.

The next thing I knew, Sanja and Christina were employing their recent lesson and snapping pictures of us.  Megan said "look up honey," and I realized that it was now time to get some pictures and put Mr. Tolstoy down.

We had fun following their direction as we moved around the Mansion for what I hope are “good shots.” Typically, Megan and I either take turns snapping pictures of each other or battle with a tripod and timer to attempt capturing pictures together. Having other people there to take pictures and tell us what looks good is a luxury we seldom enjoy. And if you ask me, they may be professionals in the making! They did a fantastic job!

I'm glad Megan took me to Pittock Mansion. Spending the day outside with beautiful scenery and lovely friends was perfect. With each visit to the Rose City I feel more and more certain that this is my home.

That's all, for now.