Megan's Picks: All you need is a little tweed

This fall I have been seeing tweed everywhere, which is wonderful because some of my favorite pieces already in my closet are tweed separates. It is rather warm fabric, making it the perfect choice this time of year. I don’t know about other places, but Portland seems to be getting pretty chilly and earlier than normal.

The sets have been the most amazing to see. There is nothing more classic Chanel to me than a beautiful tweed set. I put together my picks of my favorite tweed pieces I have seen this season, without the Chanel price tag.

What to wear to the theater

Going to the theater is a very special event for Guy and I. For us, the tradition started on the night of our engagement. After Guy asked me to marry him, we went off to a lovely evening at the theater. We went to see the Oregon Ballet Theatre (OBT) ballet dancers and the OBT Orchestra perform George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker to Tchaikovsky. Since then, we haven’t missed a Nutcracker and we try to go to as many shows as our pockets allow throughout the year.

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The beauty of dating your spouse

At almost two years of marriage, we are still dating each other. Yes, we see each other every day, but there is something different about leaving our normal routines and environment. We get to sit down somewhere to completely focus on each other. Our goal is to have at least one date a week. Even if it is just to grab coffee and desserts from one of our favorite downtown spots.

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