My Favorite Maternity Pieces that Can Be Worn Even After Pregnancy

Being a first time mom has brought on a plethora of new and exciting challenges, including improving my wardrobe to incorporate maternity clothes. I was a bit surprised when I first started looking for maternity clothes because I didn’t see much in stores. This led me to venture online to the abyss that is online maternity wear. While it is nice to have elastic on the pants and ruched fabric here and there, I have been determined to find clothing that I could pull off wearing even after pregnancy. That is when I came across PinkBlush Maternity Clothes.

I already purchased the above dresses online during Black Friday deals (I got these beauties for a steal by the way). A few of the dresses I purchased are no longer available, but listed are some dresses that are very similar. I was already familiar with the great quality of PinkBlush clothing when I got an email asking me to become a PinkBlush Style Ambassador. I was thrilled to be asked to join this great community of beautiful, glowing,  mommas-to-be!

I was looking for a cheerful dress that I could wear during the spring while pregnant and summer after our little prince is born. I found the perfect dress! It is a pink floral wrap dress. When I got it in the mail, I was happy to learn that the dress is incredibly comfortable, has a nice stretch to it, and has a modest length.

I found that the most versatile maternity clothing are dresses because there are so many different styles. The best maternity dress styles I know will also fit after pregnancy are wrap dresses, empire waist, and skater dresses. It also helps if dresses have a bit of spandex in them. Since these dresses are already pretty loose and flowy at the bottom, the spandex allows for a more comfortable upper top area. Because of these functional features on this dress, I know that this spring beauty will fit me long after our little fella is born.


Sizing information:


Normally around 115lbs

24 weeks pregnant

Wearing a size small