Seaside Getaway

Written by Guy. 

Someone once told me: “Nobody takes you seriously until you’re 30.” Well, hello seriousness.

The weekend of my 30th birthday didn’t intersect with seriousness at any point. We sailed into Seaside on a breezy Friday afternoon. Immediately, the scene stole my senses, holding them hostage. There is something marvelous about the Oregon Coast on a cloudy day. The clouds hung over the deep blue water like they were begging to be painted. The waves crashed and roared against the coastline in musical warfare. It was a beauty that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

Within the glorious composition of storm and sound, I shared a perfect weekend with my favorite people. Megan and my dearest mother planned a weekend that was greater than any gift I could imagine receiving. We spent the weekend in a cottage by the beach. Talking. Laughing. Putting puzzles together while eating fondue. Doing nothing in particular except cherishing moments together that are treasures to forever keep. Oh, and Klaus was there too.

I know that I will always look back on my thirtieth birthday as a defining moment of happiness. Like a pillar, the salience of this experience soars skyward. It was perfect. There is little else I could say except that. Thank you, Megan and Mother, for everything in every way. 


One of the awesome gifts Guy's mom got him was this fondue kit. It was amazing!