So much to Celebrate

Written by Megan.

It’s official! Guy passed the Oregon State Bar and is now able to go back to his passion of practicing law. This is not only an incredible accomplishment as Oregon has one of the toughest Bar exams in the country, but the journey here is what makes this achievement so sweet.

As many may already know, Guy moved to Oregon so that we could be together. This meant leaving his practice in Arizona behind and starting his new life with me in Oregon. To be frank, it was not only the most incredible act of commitment that I have ever experienced in my life, but it was the bravest decision I have ever been apart of. The whole thing sounds absolutely bonkers, if you really think about it.

I’ll summarize.

Two people randomly met while they are both visiting friends in LA. These two people meet in person and fall in love. These two people acknowledge that they live over 1,300 miles away from each other. These two people fly back and forth over the period of a few months to visit each other and the decision to be together is inevitable. A decision is made for someone to leave their current life to start a new one. They make that happen.

I know, thousands, if not millions of people make this magnitude of a choice all of the time. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that leaving what you have built for yourself and risking everything you have ever known to start something new, is a huge life change. We both know that being afraid of change is not something that will encourage a life of growth, rather it may perpetuate a life of stagnation. We want growth, improvement, and all the goodness that life can bring us.

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