Written by Megan.

We are so excited to finally get around to sharing some of our favorite photos captured by our friends Ed Dasso and his lovely wife Lyric. They went above and beyond by capturing our rehearsal dinner and arriving bright and early the next morning to catch us before we said, “I do.” We enjoyed our rehearsal dinner in Oregon City at the Singer Hill Cafe. The cafe has an eclectic feel with local art and Spanish inspired vertical gardens climbing up the walls. It was the perfect location for our little group. We shared laughter, tears, and yummy food while we watched the progression of our ages via slideshow.

Bright and early the following day was our wedding day. We elected to have a small gathering at the historic Ainsworth House and Gardens, also in Oregon City. Even with such an intimate event, it was difficult to spend time with everyone. We got ready separately and went off to the Ainsworth House early in the morning with our respective groomsmen and bridesmaid parties. We arrived, set up decor, and waited patiently in our separate rooms. I soon heard a knock at the door and I knew it was time for our first look as Guy said, “Please open the door, it’s raining on me.” We were soon embracing with kisses and tears ready to commit our lives to each other.

At first, the weather was not very kind to us on this October first day in the Pacific Northwest. As one might have guessed, the rain thought it was the perfect time to show itself that morning. As I waited and watched the rain fall heavily from the bridal suite window, I prayed for it to let up for our ceremony under the pine tree in the yard. It was time for the ceremony and our wedding coordinator came in with the biggest poncho I have ever seen. She asked, “what would you like to do if it is still raining at the time the ceremony is supposed to start?” Like the Oregon-born girl that I am, I simply said, “We’ll be okay. Let’s still do it outside.” It was time. As I walked out of the bridal suite room the rain left us completely.

We were blessed us with a beautiful sunlit ceremony. Just as planned, were wed under the grand pine tree with pine needles gently falling around us as the wind picked them off their branches. Guy’s mother, Cretia, gave us a heartfelt ceremony that fit our love and personalities perfectly. Everything went as planned except for one minor catastrophe.  As my father was giving me away to Guy, he nearly fell backwards on my dress. It actually seemed much more dramatic to me at the time, which I’m sure is partially due to my lack of peripheral vision. After watching some video evidence, it was barely even noticeable. It’s funny how small moments on such an important day can feel so intense.

We were served a delicious brunch by Divine Occasions Catering full of handmade pastries and had fun with a little mid day dancing. I say a little because the day seemed to fly by! By the time we were done taking photos, we were cleaning up to leave. We want to thank everyone who made it to our wedding and helped to make our day one to remember.

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