Portland is Not Messing Around This Winter

Written by Megan. 

Yesterday we were sitting at our respective work spaces at home, while watching the snow dance methodically to the ground. Our typically rain riddled city has selected a new favorite form of precipitation this winter. We experienced one of the snowiest nights in Portland history.

Of course, this means last night we had to sleep in the living room — the location with the best view of outside. We were a little too entertained being neighborhood watch-like citizens as we cringed each time someone attempted to drive up an incredibly steep hill perpendicular to our side of the building. We feel awfully bad for someone with a very small white car parked along the road, as several cars almost hit it. We did see someone actually hit one of the giant telephone poles. We watched attentively thinking and saying out loud each time, “why?” and “don’t do it!”

As for us, we are happy and warm inside. Stay safe out there!

DSC_8233 copy.jpg