Oh wow, it's July?

Written by Guy 

June was a blur. Between camping trips, serious wedding planning, and a few trips to Sauvie Island — we had zero time to sit down at the computer and type the details of our adventures. I realized this morning, as  sporadic fireworks split the morning air into countless fiery pieces, that it was now patriotic July. No, no longer June, not even for another day.

Really, I realized that we have been slacking. Negligent. Not on our “A game.”

So now we are back to fill you in on our summer adventures. Wedding planning sits high on the list of activities. With three months to go it seems that we spend most weekend time doing some sort of wedding planning… ummm or more specifically wedding shopping.

Today for instance we were searching the Beaverton-Tigard thrift store scene for wedding accessories. Here is a list of what we hoped to find (store in parenthesis if we found it):

  1. One old, clean trunk for wedding cards (The Garage Sale Warehouse);

  2. Escort card platter (Goodwill);

  3. Table seating display (Union Gospel Mission);

  4. Wholesale Flowers — though not at a thrift store; and

  5. Yarn/Ribbon for bouquets.

Fun fact: Escort cards are the little cards that tell people where to sit and allow them to call dibs on a particular seat at a certain table. These are useful at weddings, conventions, or a large gathering of any kind where you need to herd people gently while still letting them feel empowered. Yeah, you choose one of eight seats at that table and then sit down, that’s your seat.

If wedding brain isn’t a term yet, I’m coining it.

We have a busy and fun July to share with you. Hopefully it makes up for June. Up next we have Sauvie Island days, pool party evenings, a couple trips to some awesome local museums (to beat the heat, a trip to Chicago/Indianapolis for a dear friend’s wedding, and a long awaited parent trip to cap the month. Cue fireworks of excitement and explosive smiles… oh wait, those are actual fireworks exploding outside.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!