Macarons, coffee, and a little Cash

Written by Guy

Nostalgia and romance cloak this weekend in a veil of self-propelling smiles. Without a note of causation, no spark to light the fire, Megan and I flashed gestures of love at each other uncontrollably every time ours eyes met this weekend. It was probably annoying to say the least and outright intolerable to say a bit a more. I doubt we feel sorry. Then again, we have been too happy to consider it anyway.

A year ago this weekend is when fate kissed luck and Megan’s finger slid right thereby accepting the possibility of me. ¡Hallelujah Tinder! Although this is not our anniversary, which is a few weeks away, I could not help but smile each moment that memories captured my attention these past couple days. 365 days later and I still cannot believe that stars aligned so perfectly that we were in the same place, at the same time, and by some act of divine mercy she was not in a cycle of auto-swipes to the left. Life is full of blessings.

We spent the weekend seeking small adventures and enjoying an extra day of  leisure — though we did not celebrate anything in particular. It was not our anniversary after all. Still, nevertheless, we spent it happily enjoying time together. Honoring the year we have spent together by cherishing the day. 

Our Saturday was centered around tickets to see Get Rhythm at the Secret Society. If you’ve never seen this local, Johnny Cash tribute band you are missing something special. Walking up the Secret Society stairs I thought they were playing old Cash records while the band was getting ready. It is eerily beautiful how well Bryan Wiese sings and sounds like the Man in Black himself. They next play on June 1, again at the Secret Society, and you should go see them.

We had time to kill before the concert though and used it to do a little apartment shopping. Our  lease is up soon and we are searching Portland for our new home. It will be our first home together after saying “I do!” and we want a space that is calm, open, and can energize us to create. Have any thoughts? After spending hours touring place after place, our frontrunner favorite is The Ardea at South Waterfront. We simply love the layout and people who work there. Now let’s just hope they have a vacancy at the right price! (Fingers crossed)

Without doing much of anything, this weekend was the perfect reminder of how blessed I am to have met Megan. I felt gratitude overwhelming me as we listened to old Cash songs in the dark, with her hand gripping mine tight. I kept kissing it, her hand, as I often do, but this time in worship that those fingers chose me. She swiped right and the rest was history.


Another one of our stops was Petite Provence on NE Alberta. Megan is obsessed with the macarons, so it was another perfect place to kill time before the show.