Rehearsal Dinner Hunting

Written by Guy

My Mother never ceases to amaze me. Despite living across the country and only visiting Oregon once, she somehow found the perfect little venue for our wedding rehearsal dinner. It’s unreal.

Months before Megan and I would have started the search, my mom casually texts me a few Monday mornings ago and asks me if I have thought of a place yet. A place for what? I ask. We just booked the venue. I say.  Rehearsal dinners and other practical things were simply out of my mind, I think she could tell that I was clueless — or hopeless. Either way, she was there to my rescue (like always).

So one Sunday morning we took a drive to see Singer Hill Cafe — Oregon City’s best kept secret. This little cafe could be a wedding venue itself. It’s a wonderland of vertical gardens inside and out, and a myriad of goldfish ponds worked into and around the tables. Everywhere you look at Singer Hill there is life. It has positive energy, mixed with the perfect touch of tranquility and modern homeyness that we want for our wedding guests.

In other words: We loved it.

In three more words: Thank you Mother.