Farmers Market Favorites

Between the intermittent spring rain, which came and went in chilly bursts this weekend, Megan and I enjoyed our favorite Saturday morning tradition: the PSU Farmer’s Market. Awaking this morning I was a little worried that the darkening clouds and moist remnants of a past night rain would deter Megan from our routine. After all, we had  an uncharacteristic outing past 11pm last night and Megan looked a little too snug in bed this morning. Closing on the last mile of my morning run, I felt the suggestion of rain would be an insurmountable obstacle in luring her out of bed.

Fortunately, luckily, gratefully, she is full of surprises.

I walked through the door of our home to find Megan wide-awake, studying math, looking sitcom eager to start the day. Coffee in hand, already ready already to walk back out the door, her look at me said: “Where have you been? Aren’t we going downtown?!” It may have also been screaming “I’m hungry, Let’s go you jerk!” —but I was the up the stairs and showering before the hanger in her eyes reached me.

Off we went.

Now here are some of our favorite things about the Farmer’s Market, feel free to share your favorites with us as well:

  1. Pears. Far and away our favorite thing about the Farmer’s Market is buying pears. The pear and cookie stand is basically life. Really, it’s sometime is the only reason we go.  If you are a routine visitor like us, you know exactly what pear stand I mean. Yep, the stand right near the Library.

  2. Flowers. We try to buy flowers from a different vendor each week. With spring bringing blooms in abundance, it’s an adventure each week to notice all of the beautiful arrangements and variety of flowers.

  3. Crepes! The little crepe stand that only serves local products, made right before your eyes, is becoming our new standard Saturday-morning breakfast. Delicious. Slight warning: they get a little busy and mixed-up sometimes so watch your order, especially if you don’t eat meat! (Also, Megan added the exclamation point).

  4. People watching. Sitting in the middle of the lawn is perfect for watching people at their best. We love to drink coffee and watch people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy tasting food and buying their produce. It’s beautiful to see people so happy. It may be also making us slightly baby crazy, but we can save that for a different post.

Next time you see us out at the Farmer’s Market, feel free to say hi!