A Perfect Lunch

Written by Guy

By the look of her eyes I knew that she only had one thing on her mind. It was Saturday morning. Not this past Saturday, maybe a couple of weeks ago. To be exact it was the second weekend that the Portland weather decided to be Spring. The day was warm and the sun was beaming down for one of the first times I can remember since last year. If you live here in Portland, you know exactly which weekend I mean. That one.

Back to what her eyes told me that she wanted. Gleaming with happiness that matched the smirk of a smile her lips were showing, I knew.

“You want a Green Machine, don’t you?”

The spread of her smirk into a full smile answered the question.

“Okay then, get dressed. Let’s go.”

Thirty minutes later we were pulling up to the 12th Avenue location of Bamboo Sushi. While waiting for our roll of goodness we planned the perfect little day to enjoy our food. Step one, stop next door to Kure and grab some healthy and delicious (deliciously-healthy?) juices to wash down our food. It was a greens on greens sort of day. Step two, pick up sushi. Step three, enjoy our culinary decisions while soaking in the sun at the Rose Garden.


We spent the rest of the day reading under the sun. Grateful for the arrival of Spring, wonderful food, and each other’s company.

It was simple. It was a perfect lunch.