An Oregon Coast Engagement

Written by Megan.

Third time's the charm! Or was it four?

That’s how many times we had to reschedule with our good friend Ed Dasso and his lovely wife Lyric for engagement photos. Oregon Coast weather predictability is about as good as predicting the next US President. You aren’t sure if you even want to know the final results.

Rescheduling is not all that bad, this allowed us the time to really plan out the shoot. Ed was even able to make a pre-shoot trip to scout out locations. Guy and I looked over several inspirational engagement ideas and we discussed our aspirations.

Our outfit ideas may have changed over this time, but one thing did not. We simply had to shoot at the dunes. I had visions of sweeping sand and a stunning horizon. I knew Ed would be able to capture these visions perfectly.

You see, Ed and I have been shooting together since 2011. I recall my first experience working with Ed and Lyric. I was initially impressed by them and then their work. They have true love and respect for each other. That is something so wonderfully rare to see.

Something else unique about Ed’s work is that he uses film. It’s funny that this is a rarity when it used to be all we had with which to work. I am always excited to see what he is able to capture with his variety of cameras he packs along to each shoot. I swear each time he pulls out a new film camera it causes me a brief moment of camera gear swooning.

We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our shoot and are proud to say Ed will be shooting our wedding too. Ed is incredibly talented and an inspiration. We have shared them below for you to enjoy!

Please check out more of Ed's work here: Ed Dasso Photography