Lucia Falls with Jessie Christensen

He writes in this font, she writes in this font. 

We made a new friend. The talented photographer, Jessie Christensen. 

For weeks and weeks, maybe months, Megan has been commenting “this girl takes incredible photos” while staring at her phone intently. This initiates twenty minutes or so of IG stalking and mass double-taps on the screen. Megan being so impressed piqued my interest and in no time we were both fans of Jessie’s work.

The likes went both ways. We were overjoyed to learn that Jessie seemed to appreciate Megan’s work as well. Instagram bringing photographers together, who could imagine that happening? It truly is wonderful how such a simple idea could create such a convenient way of bringing people together. 

After some back and forth planning, Megan and I were crossing the river to meet our new friend. As you can see below, Jessie showed us an amazing place near her home: Lucia Falls. A place where she has spent summers playing in the river and studying tide-pools with her family. It’s a place she has shot with her husband, crossing the shallow, rocky shore at low-tide to explore small islands jetting forward and crowned by the sun. An intimate place. We realized how dramatically this river changes through out the year as Jessie described how easy is it to cross the river in the summer. What we experienced was a charging wall of icy water forcing its way over the massive rocks. There was no crossing it. I imagined how unfortunate a fall would be into its dynamism. 

Our shoot with Jessie felt intimate and warm. She shared about her passions and experiences while we roamed around the river discovering a new friendship among the shadows and cool, misty air. I have a great appreciation for Guy during the brief moment Jessie and I geeked out over gear and our favorite photographers, including their life dramas. 

In turn Megan and I talked about our hopes, dreams, and manic love for each other. Nothing new, of course. It’s remarkable and funny and as simple as this: we met shaking hands and left with heartfelt hugs. Now enjoy Jessie’s photos and know they came from an unbelievably inspiring person.