Happy beginnings. Strange movies. Date Night.

He writes in this font, she writes in this font.

Wonderful things happen when you embrace change, however minimal, and let necessity guide the course of a day. Or in this case a date.

Our plan last Saturday, the one that wasn’t rainy, was to enjoy happy hour at Bartini to initiate Date Night. Well, alas, Bartini was packed to the brim with people sharing our idea for enjoying the weather and weekend day at sunset. Walking aimlessly down 23rd Avenue thinking of where to go instead, a new dilemma met us on the path.

“My bra is falling… it’s literally at my belly button… also my jacket is bulky over my blazer and dress, but i’m cold.” Haha! Yeah, that sounds about right. I was, to say the least, incredibly uncomfortable. They say beauty is pain, but will someone start making things that, I don’t know, fits an actual woman’s body?  

On top of this, though under here, we were hungry — first world starving.

Stopping on our path to consider this problem, we turned our eyes left to find a solution waiting like the cliche fate of 90’s teen movies. Less abstractly, there were two businesses that could satisfy all these little issues: Uptown Billiards Club and Crossroad Trading Company.

“Okay darling, here is the strategy:

  1. Let’s duck into this pool bar so you can take off that vexing bra;

  2. Order something delicious to quiet the hangry;

  3. Drink something more delicious for revival;

  4. and then step into Crossroad so you can ditch the blazer for something more suitable.

Ready, break!”

Two tequila concoctions, some baked brie, and a sweater purchase later everything was just fine. I may have also found a steal of deal and picked up some Oliberte shoes.

Nothing special, but it was special nonetheless. As we walked back down towards 23rd Avenue, then a right on Hoyt, we laughed at how a falling bra turned to finding a perfect, quiet place for brie and satisfying drinks, then some bargain deals. More though, we were smiling because the night became more memorable merely because it did not go to plan. I guess the best things inevitably happen that way, for us anyhow.  

The movie was not worth reviewing by the way; strange. (Anomalisa) I still don’t know what to think of that film… it just, wasn’t for us.