How about a sandless beach?

Written by Guy.

The third day of our honeymoon we decided to spend at the beach. It’s the only sensible thing to do when the temperature is 75° and there is not a single cloud to obscure the Mediterranean-blue sky. So we packed our bag with all of the essentials (tequila, books, towels, SPF 50) and made the one-block journey to Opera beach. We were met with a fun surprise.

There is no sand on the nice beaches, just rocks.

No, I don’t mean that the sand was coarse and large. There is no sand. Smooth, stone-skipping size rocks fill the beach instead. I’m talking 3” to 4” stones piled endlessly from the boardwalk to the water. Never having seen (or heard) of such a sight, it was interesting to say the least.

Surprisingly, we loved it. No sand in the shoes. No need to cover/protect our tequila sunrises from windy debris. And no people oogling and staring at us while taking a stroll — it’s not easy or quiet to walk along a stony shoreline. The rocks felt great against the back too!   

Of course there was some downfalls. Taking barefoot steps to the water were a bit of an ouch. Getting out of the water was no easy task. I learned pretty quick that it was either in or out of the crystal clear water. Megan didn’t even venture to try her luck against the toppling stones and risk stubbing a toe. That’s why she is the smart one.

With the weather wet and cold back in Portland, we couldn’t complain about the stones against our backs in paradise. It was a trivial price to pay for new tans and socially acceptable midday tequila drinking. Add a view of the windy, cliff-side Colline du Château and the day summed up to perfect.



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