Hello Nice!

Written by Guy.

A bright sky and warm sun welcomed us to Nice and the second part of our honeymoon. It was perfection. After taking TGV five hours from Paris downward — a trip mixed with sleep and utter amazement at the french countryside — we were in desperate need to stretch our legs. Nice indulged, as is its nature.

We walked out of the centrally-located train station and into a bustling city that looked too picturesque to be real. Pastel colored buildings with large shutters, aged by the sun and salty sea, lined the streets in our panorama. In unison, in awe, we both said at once: “Now this is a honeymoon.”

The city simply doesn’t look real. Everything about the architecture, art in every direction you turn, and ambiance of calm, coastal bliss made us feel like we were living in a Disney movie. I half-expected people to break into song and dance as we walked through the Promenade du Paillon. Well, the people didn’t sing. Still, the mirrored water fountains shooting liquid crystal to the sky while seagulls sounded off in all directions sure kept the Disney-vibe alive and well while we made our way to the Airbnb.

“Nice is for honeymooning” escaped our excited mouths multiple times on the way to our Airbnb.

Oh goodness, and then there was our Airbnb — but let’s save that for next time.