Let's Try 23rd

He writes in this font, she adds to the story in this font.

Chronologically, this happened before our little Klaus had his traumatic day in the puppy ER. We decided to take you out of order and write about that first... for obvious reasons. It was a big deal in our lives and I could not think to write about anything before expressing our anxiety and gratitude surrounding the events of Saturday. Still, we did have a Friday full of fun (and no catastrophes).

I flew into PDX early for an interview Friday morning. I won't say where, but I will say that I am unspeakably excited about the opportunity of joining this organization. Let's reiterate the excitement around this a little bit more because I am excited beyond belief!  After an outstanding interview with some of the most inspiring people that I have ever met, Megan was waiting in the parking lot to go have some fun.

We headed to 23rd Avenue for something to eat and maybe some shopping. It was a warm, sunny day that we simply had to spend outside. Luckily, there wasn't much traffic on 23rd Avenue midday on a Friday. Despite just eating lunch an hour or so, I was starving... maybe because I was still so excited about the interview. Megan was happy to oblige my request for food, of course. But, for real now. When am I not happy to oblige an offer to a meal? I certainly can’t be the only one who is perpetually hungry, most times of the day. My stomach literally just growled as I wrote that!

The only question now: where should we eat? There are so many options on 23rd Avenue that it could take all afternoon just figuring out where we should dine. It was time to be decisive. Megan suggested Fireside and I immediately agreed. No, I had never been there, but I liked the name and was hungry. Problem solved.

Fireside is the perfect place for lunch outside or a more intimate, romantic dinner. I may have selected this location based on the design, but with tasty small plates in mind, or course! The space inside is elegant, yet modern, and I could not help but think about hosting a party in the space while we waited for the hostess to seat us. Considering it was 2pm, we opted to sit outside and enjoy the sunny weather; though I want to take Megan back there for dinner soon. Awe, that’s really sweet. OK. I accept!

Only slightly hungry, not quite starving, we decided to order a variety of little snacks. Because pictures are worth more than words, we don't mind if you cheat and jump to the pictures to see what we had for lunch (just come back up afterward). How amazing do those little snacks look! We had the soft boiled eggs in bacon aioli and the beet chips in harissa spice. Oh, plus a mixed lettuce salad. Wow, the beet chips were out of this world. We may have pulled out our phones while eating them to see how difficult it would be make to make at home... tutorial on making beet chips to come, standby. Oh my gosh, we are totally actually going to have to do this. My mouth is watering just thinking about those chips!

After all that deliciousness, we explored 23rd Avenue a little more and took advantage of all that sunlight. Being obsessed with hats, I naturally gravitated to Goorin Bros Hat Shop. We must have spent at least an hour there trying on hats and learning about the company's history. If you are in the area (or are a hat-enthusiast, like me), I recommend you stop by and check out their selection of quality hats. That's if I do not buy-out the store first. *hint* *hint* the hat I am wearing below would make a fantastic Christmas gift, or any time of the year gift, really. I mean, it did fit me perfectly and all.

And that's how we spent our Friday in the sunny outdoors. It poured later on our run along the waterfront, but this is Portland, after all, and a little rain makes the run more exciting and dramatic. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the weekend.

DSC_1394 2.jpg