An Unexpected Saturday

He writes in the font, she adds to the story in this font.

Tragedy can change life in an instant. There is really no way to plan or prepare for those unexpected moments that flip life upside down. Yesterday we planned to spend the day shooting photos with our talented friend Kris Miller, who was great enough to drive up from Corvallis for the day. We had planned outfits, locations to shoot, and were all set for a productive day of creating content. Oh, but how things changed in less than an instant.

I'll spare you the details, mostly because we don't want to relive them. Put briefly, rather than shooting around PDX, we spent the afternoon in the veterinary ER at DoveLewis hoping that everything was going to be okay. Our little Klaus got hit by a car after dashing across the street to Megan. In unison, Megan and I screamed, ran to him, and went into immediate survival mode. This was such an incredible moment of sheer terror into split second decision-making to save Klaus to the best of our ability. The image of the incident has not left my mind. There are these flashes of memories of it all unfolding. Definitely not what we expected for a beautifully rainy Saturday.

Fortunately, this experience was not tragic, only extremely traumatic. Klaus is going to be okay. Thank goodness he is only big in personality and mini in stature. The tough little guy escaped the ordeal with only minor injuries, though his sense of adventure may never recover.  

Although I am in town all Labor Day Weekend, we may not have too many posts at restaurants or discovering places to adventure. We were up all night nursing our very scared (and also very drugged) little puppy, who was having a rough go of it. And it suffices to say from looking at the adorably pathetic pictures below, that we will need to stay home the rest of my visit and care for our little masculine man.

Looking back on yesterday's traumatic events, we are grateful rather than sad or devastated. It was a day of many miracles that are worth celebrating. The greatest miracle, of course, is that Klaus is fine. We need that little guy in our lives. I still cannot believe that he only suffered minor injuries. He’s already one of the most confident dogs at the dog-park, but now that he literally walked away from being hit by car, I don’t know how we are going to prevent him from having a big doggie head.

Besides that though, I think we are both amazed at the miracle of kind people in this city who are willing to stop and help a stranger. Seconds after the accident, several people stopped to offer help. One amazing person pulled out her phone and showed me the nearest pet ER center, which was luckily only two blocks away. I may have taken her phone right out of her hand to send myself a pin, but she was kind enough to understand that I was operating under urgent circumstances. Hours later, that same kind person sent me a text to check on Klaus. She had been worried the whole time as well!  

The staff at DoveLewis were also incredibly caring and helpful. Megan and I walked in filled with anxiety and fear (one of us may have also come in smelling of puppy pee after the trauma made Klaus lose all control when picking him up off of the street), we had no idea how badly Klaus was injured and really needed answers to comfort us. Within twenty minutes a doctor came out and let us know the extent of his injuries and that he was going to be okay. Klaus spent several hours there and it made a world of difference that the staff called periodically to update us on his condition. These little things mean everything when a loved one is hurt. We are just thankful to the DoveLewis staff for going above and beyond to help us feel comforted while we waited to take Klaus home.

Lastly, I have no idea what we would have done without Kris there for support. I don't know my way around Portland and Megan couldn't drive due to a fear-induced dog bite that left her hand throbbing; Kris hopped in the driver's seat and took us home. In the ER, his wit and hilarious sarcasm helped lighten the mood. Really, there are no words to express how much that helped us calm down.

Concerned and helpful bystanders, caring businesses, wonderful friends - it's the people in this city that make it so spectacular. Yesterday was traumatic, but we are still doubly fortunate. Our Klaus is recovering slowly but surely, though the drugs are making him hilariously loopy. Furthermore, we are grateful for friends and the Portland community for being there for us when we needed it most.

Klaus looks like he is grateful too, even though he does not like his strange little bandages. Poor little guy.