Vintage Shopping

And we found boots! Feeling excited and motivated after talking with Cheryl from 3 Dots and A Dash, we explored House of Vintage (Hawthorne) for some wardrobe additions. We found some.

Finding quality, stylish boots is always somewhat of an obstacle. Inexpensive ones are, well, cheap. Quality leather boots that also have some style are hundreds of dollars out of our price range. Thank goodness for vintage shops! Within the first five minutes of perusing House of Vintage's huge store on Hawthorne Boulevard, I found these awesome Laredo workboots. It was clear someone had worn these boots day-in and day-out for who knows how many work-days. Still, despite the worn-in appearance, there were certainly not worn-out. At $22, I feel pretty damn happy with this purchase. Just in time for the chilly season!

Megan had quite the find in the boot department as well, but I'll let her tell it. We had gone through much of the store, I tried on some adorable moccasin boots, but decided I already have multiple pairs. I did not, however, have any adorable medium brown leather Calvin Klein Sport boots. When I picked them up off the shelf, I imagined them as an item my mom may have seen brand new shopping at Macy's in the early 80's. I had to have them.

We stumbled upon a throwback photo booth before checking out. Oddly, the fee for this memory catcher was $4.38. Please tell me you think this is weird too? Four dollars? Sure. But why add the thirty-eight cents. Weird. Well, we deposited $8.76 into this strange-fee charging contraption and had some fun getting romantic in the photo booth.

Now check out these boots!