A Night In

Sure, it’s a lot of fun trying new restaurants and having adventures all over PDX, but sometimes we need a night at home as well. We’re really homebodies at heart. Whether at home or running around town, Megan and I both like to celebrate — EVERYTHING.

And how do you celebrate a night at home?  Well, you veg out with junk food and spa treatment,  of course! That's what we tried to do with our most recent night at home at least. Avid list-makers, we planned our junk food night with pen and pad in hand — jotting down all the essentials for such an occasion. Before heading to Fred Meyer, we even selected something to watch on Netflix: Narcos. Oh yes, we were all prepared for the night. I have gotten so behind on Netflix watching! Netflix does it again with Narcos. I was impressed with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, and now Narcos! They are so good.

You can see below what we ended up buying. Arguably, we failed with the junk food. After removing our mud masks before starting another episode of Narcos, which is an awesome show by the way, we laughed about our food and margaritas being so light and refreshing. Honestly, I felt great after that surprisingly light meal, like I could go on a slightly-buzzed jog around the waterfront. A night jog would have been perfect!

Oh well, it was great to relax at home with Megan, as always.

1. Amy’s gluten-free, dairy-free, organic spinach pizza
2. Trader Joe's spinach and kale bites
3. Trader Joe's zucchini fries
4. Homemade margaritas (squeezed lime, club soda, Cabo Wabo tequila, and a splash of orange juice)
5. Talenti Italian Gelato, Sea Salt Caramel flavor