On A Weekend Apart

  Weekends apart are no fun. Sure it sort of sucks to spend the weeks in different cities, but it is especially hard to be away from Megan during the open, free hours of Saturday and Sunday. Time seems to stretch and expand after work Friday until Sunday night, like a snail creeping, sliding over a sidewalk. Try as the little gastropod might, it can’t move any faster than its amorphous body will allow. Likewise, Megan and I try to fill each hour of the weekend with things to do so that time speeds up — to no avail. The weekends are definitely challenging, even if we are speaking to each other in multiple ways all throughout the day. Every call, it becomes more and more difficult to hang up the phone. It may sound simple, but each time I have to press that little red “end call” button there comes more and more hesitation.

“Well, if i cannot be with her, I can at least make plans to be with her.” I thought while working this Sunday morning. I am constantly thinking something similar. I remind myself, “he’ll be here soon”. After reading case files for the past few hours, I started admiring all of the incredible photos @rellimsirk took of Megan and I last weekend at Union Station. I loved the classic feel of his photos, with the historic train station as a backdrop for Megan looking absurdly elegant in her Lulu's dress.

Megan’s glamour, @rellimsirk's photos, together they got me thinking of a fun adventure to plan: Let’s take the train somewhere! Thirty minutes and a few credit card purchases later, I had a fun little Halloween weekend planned for us in Seattle. Train tickets: booked. Airbnb room in the awesome historic area of Seattle: confirmed.

Now you might be wondering, “Why Halloween weekend? Isn’t that a bit far away?”

The answer: It has to be Halloween weekend to fit our attire, of course.

It would be an understatement to say that Megan and I have active and fantastical imaginations. You get us together planning something and it immediately goes from a simple affair to Cinderella’s Ball. There is no in between. Hence, it has to be Halloween because we are making the train ride into an opportunity to jump back in time. I am absolutely thrilled. I love an opportunity to dress up! The AirBnb is perfect. Guy was unquestionably right when he forwarded the link and said, “It’s SO us!”. It truly is.

I mean, that’s the only logical thing to do, right? Let’s recount the variables: train ride from historic Union Station, Airbnb in an incredible apartment in the historic area of Seattle, and two people that really like dressing up. Yes, the only reasonable thing to do with those variables is dress up as citizens of yesteryear and pretend that we are back in time for a day. I actually think that is somewhat the point of Halloween, so yes, it had to be October 31st.

Now we just need to pick an era and then something to wear, hmmm…? Below are some of the shots @rellimsirk took of us dressed up a bit, we would love your suggestions on classic costumes. We’ve thought of a couple classics like, Bonnie and Clyde, Superman and Lois Lane. Comment with your idea.