Tuesday Night Thoughts

It's a Tuesday evening here in Arizona and it is hot beyond belief. No, this is not our usual date related blog post that has a myriad of fun pictures following in company. I decided to take a break from writing cover letters and applying for jobs (in PDX, of course) to post something about long distance relationships and how we keep ours healthy. Really, I am just missing her and writing a post is a subtle way to let her know that. I can only text "I miss you" so many times a day, after all.

First things first, the best way to make a long distance relationship work is to establish an end-date to it. The distance, not the relationship — to be clear. Let's be honest, it's not fun to be miles away from the person you love. Words cannot serve as permanent substitutes for kisses and cuddles. Nope. When I decided to move to Portland for her (which was the day we met, literally), I told her that I would not make her wait longer than the end of the year. I think knowing that our distance is only temporary really helps on those days where missing each other is actually painful — it soothes my heart at least.

Next, COMMUNICATE. This may sound obvious, but it is far from it. We have a strong relationship because we can be honest and open when we talk. If one of us is having a bad day, we just say it. If she is hungry and needs to get off the phone to go make a burrito, believe me she says it! I'm not going to harp on how to communicate or why it is important, but this is key to how we keep our relationship going so smoothly. I guess it also helps that she is basically a real-life TED speaker and I love to listen to her ideas and opinions… not to mention how she says "yes" in the most adorable way.  

Okay, I'm done. I think if I say more than this she will get slightly embarrassed and this won't ever get posted (she does the actual posting, I just write).

I suppose I should also get back to writing cover letters anyway. I only have a few more months to find a job before it's time to move regardless — who would have thought it would be so difficult for an experienced attorney to find a job, phew... Let's see if she posts this, which was my secondary reason for writing it — to share.

My first reason, of course, was just to let her know that I was thinking of her. Distance, ugh.