He tells the story in this font, and she adds to the story in this font. 

It's the day after her birthday. We are back in PDX and the sun is shining through her large open windows. To complete the ambiance, in case you were wondering, Sinatra’s singing is filling her studio with a feeling of upbeat elegance. In slight contrast to that smooth, slow grace, she is rummaging through my suitcase trying to find an appropriate outfit for me to wear for dinner tonight. Though she denies it, I feel like she has known what she would wear all week — now she just needs to make me semi-match. I will confess that I almost always have an outfit planned out in my head days in advance.

Tonight it is birthday celebration, part two.

Thrown all over her bed are a semi-organized, semi-chaotic mass of our clothing. In between mad darts from my suitcase to her closet, she stops, jumps on top of the bed, and takes pictures of potential outfits. I'm at a table just a few hops away writing this. I figured it would be best to stay out of the way and do something productive, she is going to have the final say on my outfit tonight anyway. It is her birthday, after all.

As I watched her bounce around the room, I thought it would be fun to post about our process for getting ready to go on dates, or anywhere really. Well, claiming there is a “process” may be a bit of a stretch. Really it’s more of a whirlwind. She goes back and forth between her closet, design podium (the bed), and the bathroom faster than I can keep track. All the while there are photo snaps and ponderous “hmmms…” intermittently.  I’m glad he just noticed the verbal cues of my photo-taking process. My dear friend Katrina pointed out my artist head tilt from right to left. Now, I can’t un-notice it.

Update: I think she found our outfits, she is balancing on a high chair and taking a lot of photos. That has to be a good sign. I hope it is a good sign because it is very nearly time to leave for dinner, reservations with dear friends await! 

Like always, we tried to jam too much excitement into one day and are now in a rush. There truly is never enough time! We drove back from the coast this morning after some nostalgic sight-seeing in her hometown of Newport, which took much longer than expected. To clarify, the driving back took long, not the sight-seeing — Newport is adorably tiny. It is strange to think that the place I have spent the majority of my life could be shared and described in about a 15 minute drive-by tour.

It was a beautiful afternoon in the Rose City and we needed some movement after that long car ride. With the sun shining and a perfect breeze, we went for a long run along the Waterfront to enjoy the day. To clarify, I actually ran. He kind of ran backwards, practically what looked to be in slow motion, to keep up with my 9-min mile pace. Running outside in the summer is a bit of a novelty for me — Iphones melt while running outside in Arizona this time of year, literally. Coming from a moderate degree coastal climate, I am certain I would die if I tried running outside in AZ.

Perhaps we enjoyed the weather a little too much, we got back to her place just in time to be very behind our schedule! Now, as I write this, we are in the process of getting ready (frantically fast) for her birthday dinner with dear friends and family. The venue: Departure. Coincidentally, that is the very same rooftop bar where we went on the third part of our first date. She is giving me the cue that she selected our outfits and it is time to finish getting ready.

Due to the rush, we didn’t get any photos actually wearing our outfits. Bummer, I know. Here is what they look like with the bed wearing them instead.

 We may not have been able to show you what we wore to dinner, but we can show you what we wore just before going out!