Megan's Birthday

He tells the story in this font, and she adds to the story in this font.

Sometimes clouds, a little rain, and some chilly weather make for an absolutely perfect day. At least these were the ingredients to the forecast on her birthday. Perhaps maybe we would have had a wonderful celebration regardless of the weather, but I think it gave the day a little excitement and charm.  Nothing makes me feel more at home than a little hint of storm, and home is exactly what I wanted to show him. 

Oh, and her birthday was not the only thing that made this day so important — I also met her Mother for the first time! My mom had been asking to meet him ever since I first mentioned him. I’m still not sure who was more nervous: him, her, or me! It was probably me.  

Due to several flight delays (Southwest is not our favorite airline at the moment) and a very late landing into PDX (12:30 a.m.), we snoozed past the seven o’clock alarm and then the second one thirty minutes later. Finally, an hour late, we frantically jumped out of bed and got ready in a flash. Luckily, she always looks beautiful and didn’t need much time. (Awe! That is so nice to say!) I really don’t like to spend much time getting ready; I’d rather spend my time eating breakfast. Phew. Only thirty minutes late, we were off to the Oregon Coast to celebrate her birthday, beginning with an early lunch, first meeting with her Mother.

Like daughter, like Mother, we all arrived at The Wildflower Grill for lunch at the same time. I guess we weren’t late then, right? I may have told my mom to take her time getting there. With all the hustle and bustle of the morning, I did not have time to be nervous until we sat down for lunch. Thank goodness that kindness also runs in the family because her Mother made me feel comfortable from the start. I think we bonded a little over a shared interest in tattoos — at least I hope so. They both look so much more badass than me. It doesn’t help that I’m the girl who fainted in the chair during her first tattoo.

After a delicious lunch of Thanksgiving-style sandwiches and thick-cut fries (we ordered the same thing), her little sister was sweet enough to brave using an expensive-looking camera and snap some pictures of us. I was really thankful that I practice yoga during this impromptu photoshoot, it took some channeled breathing to let her use my camera. Her Mother was still with us as we took the photos — notice me trying to be extra charming in a last effort to earn her good graces. My mother had already approved him long before this point. When he stepped away from the table she immediately said, “He is so nice and handsome!” (I know mom. I know.) She said some other predictable-mom-like things about beautiful grandkids. I get it, I’m closer to 30 now.

Raining a bit harder and getting much colder, we made our way to Depoe Bay to stay at The Harbor Lights Inn. She is from the coast and wanted to show me around for her birthday. Coincidentally, I also had one of her incredible pictures of the coast framed for a birthday present. We stayed right by where she took the photo. (I think I did good job with a themed birthday)

As we arrived at the Inn, we learned that there was truly no exception to the “no early check-in” sign on their door. No worries, we played around the Whale Watching Center to kill time. It was a little misty and slightly cold when the wind broke, but we managed to have some fun crawling on buildings while parents looked on disapprovingly with their kids. The kids obviously wanted to play too. It looked as though the dad through the window was the most envious of our fun though. I guess getting older does have some advantages — there is nobody to stop you from playing!

Finally, late afternoon, we got into our room and her surprises were waiting. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely 26th!


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