Amory Blaine & Co.

He tells the story in this font, and she adds to the story in this font.

Quite simply, it's a tale of modern romance - with technology taking cupid's role. She is from Portland. He is from Phoenix. While we were both visiting friends in Santa Monica for Memorial day weekend, fate brought us within the necessary proximity to make a choice: swipe left or swipe right. At this point, you can guess which way we chose to swipe our fingers. The most incredible part about this swipe of luck is that she spent most of the weekend in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. She was in Santa Monica for just a few hours.  

Several days after the holiday weekend, he finally worked up the courage to message her. "I see that we are over a thousand miles away, but I think you are beautiful and you seem fascinating... message me," he said to start the conversation. She remembers him saying something like “absurdly beautiful,” but that’s besides the point. She appreciated his careful choice of words and she knew there was something special about him, so she responded. You all know how this part goes: messages led to texts and next we were on the phone for hours on end. The incredible conversation over the phone impressed and surprised her as she would normally rather be confined to a dental chair than be talking on the phone.

Still, there was that pesky little issue that kept us from meeting: distance.

Thankfully, he is bold.  She thought he was joking as she read his text: "What are you doing Thursday? Want to go on a date?" Laughing to herself, and thinking, “he must be joking or insane” she decided to play along and responded, "Oh yes, that would be lovely. Haha!” - (with the most fake ever laughed.) She didn't expect what came next. He sent her a screenshot of his flight itinerary - he had bought the ticket after their second phone conversation. At this point, she had a slight panic attack over the excitement of it all. She tried unsuccessfully to play it cool and she told him how excited she was to see him. Oh yes, he is a bold one. And she loves it.

After three agonizing days of waiting we had our first date. Thank goodness there was chemistry in person to match the perfect conversation because our first date lasted thirty-seven hours. Was the chemistry immediate? Indeed, it was HIGHLY combustible; nearly explosive.

We were totally “that couple” walking down the streets of Portland. It's difficult to say exactly when, but sometime in that day and a half first date we fell deeply in love. As she drove him to the airport, he told her that he would move to Portland, that he had to be with her. She laughed, but deep down she hoped he was serious because she had never felt more at home than with him next to her.

Well, he has not yet moved to the Rose City... but it has only been two months and four days since that first meeting—not that we are counting or anything. We see each other as much as we can and he is working everyday to move here. We started this blog to chronicle our relationship as it moves from long-distance to right down the street. These are our adventures and weekend getaways. We hope you enjoy coming on this journey with us, and that our dates and explorations give you fun ideas for you and your loved one.