New Holiday Traditions

This post written by Guy. 

The date of our engagement, which depended on the arrival of the ring, was glorious coincidence.

Sidenote #1: It was not “a glorious coincidence.” It was not one mere example of a greater phenomenon, not a casual run-in with destiny that you could confuse with other such experiences. No, it was one-of-a-kind, never forget it, perfect connection with fate.

Sidenote #2: Google Search defines Coincidence as “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” Exchange a for the and that definition is right on the money.

Here are the events that quite remarkably concurred on the day that I engaged her.

  1. The ring arrived (we covered that already).

  2. Our special date night, which was planned independent of the first event.

Regarding the special date night. Several weeks ago my most dearest Mother purchased tickets for us to see The Nutcracker. Always impeccably wonderful, Mother wanted us to do something that reminded me of home and put us in the holiday spirit. It reminded me of home because I have been going to see The Nutcracker for several years, often alone, because I simply love the story. Thank you Mother, Merry Christmas.

Now that we had something to do, I wanted to make it into an event. Yes, I italicized the last two words of that sentence to connote something more grand and elaborate than simply going to see a ballet.  I kept thinking to myself, “This is our first Christmas together and I want to make it special, I want to make it memorable.”  The best way to accomplish that goal, I thought, was to plan a night out that would give her some of her absolute favorite things: fine food, elegant clothes, live performance, and plenty of photo opportunities. The last one really goes without saying.

The elegant clothing was an easy one, I knew Megan would suggest that we dress up to the occasion of attending a ballet from the onset. The only remaining questions were where to stay and where to eat. As fate would have it, one building housed the answers to both questions.

Looking at hotels near Keller Auditorium, my eyes quickly caught notice of Hotel Modera. This is because it is only 526 feet separate it from Keller, the decor is a collaboration between classic elegance and modern coolness, and it has a restaurant (Nel Centro) that is everything I wanted for the occasion. Perfection.

A few clicks later I had a special night planned, purchased, and ready to present to Megan.

If you read our last post, you know that I proposed the morning of this special date night. Imagine our excitement: her shocking, dumbfounded disbelief when I knelt down and asked; my unspeakable, indescribable awe when she answered; and our crying, kissing hysteria that ensued afterward and all in a moment.  

Now we were off on this special date night. I’ll repeat the last portion of this post’s first sentence — it was glorious coincidence. It was truly remarkable how events concurred, aligned, came together to create a day that we will never forget.

And the night was perfect. Megan looked like a Hollywood icon from yesteryear in her beautiful dress and with her hair up like Audrey Hepburn: pure grace and refinement. The food, which we did not get to photograph because the camera died, was delicious and tasted like elegance.* Lastly, but most splendidly, the show was better than I have ever seen. Perhaps the ballerinas, from the little adorable mice to the Sugar Plum Fairy, were simply better performers. That’s certainly possible considering the incredible feats of delicate control the little Fairy displayed. More likely though, the night was perfect because I got to experience everything while holding the hand of my future wife and home.

It was magic to look over and see her smiling, wondrous face enjoying the show. It was heaven to look down in her lap to see her hands holding mine tightly and the ring shining brightly up at us both.