She said "yes"

This post written by Guy.

We got engaged! Yes, I engaged her! (coining that term)

Last Friday morning, about 10am, I felt my pocket vibrate twice. Buzz. Buzz. The vibrations were long and spaced about fifteen seconds apart. This is relevant only because it let me know that I received two emails, not texts. Sitting in a meeting, I was unable to look at my phone — but the anticipation of those emails set my mind racing.

For several weeks now I have been on pins and needles, waiting. Specifically, I had been waiting for a shipping confirmation email from Miss Heidi Gibson. If you don’t know, Heidi Gibson makes some of the most elegant and timeless engagement rings you will ever see. So, even more specifically, I was waiting on notification that my ring was ready and shipped so that I could officially ask Megan to be my wife and companion for the rest of our lives.

Entirely incapable of explaining why, I just knew those two punctuated vibrations in my pocket were from Heidi. Needless to say, my heart was beating excitedly and I lost what was said towards the end of that meeting.

 “I have good news! Your ring has been shipped! Woo!”

That’s how Heidi began her email. I read it over and over again, at least twenty times, staring at my phone screen with a feeling flowing in me somewhere at the intersection of utter shock, absolute joy, and child-like wonder. There are no words. It was just bliss to read those words.

Now let’s jump forward to Saturday morning. I had been giving my absolute best effort to keep this monumental secret from Megan. For nearly 24 hours now I had been suppressing the tugging urge to tell her everything and propose before the ring even arrived.

Fun Fact: I am incapable of keeping secrets from Megan. For the past three weeks, I keep giving her Christmas presents early because I am too excited to wait. It got expensive.

We were getting ready for a staycation weekend in Downtown Portland (but I’ll get to that adventure in the next post.) My phone vibrated again, this time on the bathroom counter as we both were stepping out of the shower. Buzz-buzz. The vibrations this time were close together and much shorter, like stutter steps. It was a text message.

 “It’s here!!”

Megan’s sister had been on lookout duty for me to make sure Megan didn’t see the package arrive. I read the text, my heart skipped three beats, and I hurriedly threw on joggers and ran down stairs. Opening the Fedex package in the garage with Priscilla, my hands were shaking. The ring was perfection, it glowed with the supernatural beauty an item endowed with eternal power. Instantly I knew, this is my Wife’s ring — Her ring.

 “When are you going to propose? Tonight?” ~ Priscilla.

Now. Not tomorrow, not tonight, not later today. Now. It was the only response that made sense. I knew the day that I met Megan that I loved her and wanted to marry her. In my mind, I had been waiting six months to ask the question already. I simply could not accept waiting any longer.

Quickly, huddling for a team meeting, Priscilla, Sentilla (Megan’s sisters), and I devised a plan for the proposal so that we could capture it all on camera — of course. Meanwhile, Megan was clueless upstairs getting ready. This was our plan: I would suggest to Sentilla and Priscilla that one of them take a few pictures of us before we head out. During the impromptu and entirely unplanned photo session, I would “pop the question.”

The next hour of waiting for Megan to get ready was a blur. I vaguely remember watching Elf, actively trying to not rush Megan, and brushing my teeth. My memory of everything else is clouded by the delightful surge of excited anxiety that overwhelmed my consciousness. I felt like a kid asking a girl to a dance for the first time. Picture a ten year old boy, bow tie, holding a single flower and rose-red from blushing: that was me.

Meanwhile she was clueless.

That was my day leading up to the moment my life changed forever. I wish I could tell you how I proposed, but that memory is a feeling that no words could capture. Like a symphony of impulses, kisses, and sentiment, explaining how I asked Megan to marry me would be as silly and fruitless as discussing why music moves us. It just does.

Fortunately, Sentilla caught the whole thing on camera and I am forever grateful for that.

We are engaged. I engaged her.