An Abundance of Change

He writes in this font,  she writes in this font. 

We are in an exciting state of transition. 

You may have noticed that we are posting slightly less than usual for the past couple weeks. This is because it has been an absurdly hectic time for us — even more so than usual. As I write this, my apartment looks like a war zone of boxes, books scattered in every conceivable place, and cleaning supplies. It’s a chaotic mess that lacks any definitive order. 

Likewise, I imagine Megan’s apartment in Portland looks somewhat similar. I envision shoes and art supplies all over the place, perhaps a confused little dog playing in the mayhem and trying to figure out what the heck is happening. Imagine it looking even worse than that! I feel like I haven’t even made a dent! How is it possible to accumulate so much stuff in such a short amount of time? How?  

These are the joys of moving. 

None of this dims the absolute, stupendous excitement of us living together! Not in the slightest. It’s true! I don’t think I have ever been more excited about anything! It even beats that Christmas in 1998 when I got a Nintendo 64. It beats all Christmas excitement and pre-disneyland feelings ever or that matter. We just got the keys to our new place this past weekend. Well, Megan got the keys  — I only have constructive possession at this point. Still, we have a home!! The sad part about this is that Guy wasn’t able to share the “entering the new home” moment with me. But, I will get to share his experience doing just that this weekend! He actually hasn’t seen the house at all, besides photos and my obnoxious commentary-filled Snapchats. This is basically all we have talked about recently and we cannot wait to share the move-in process in all its glory with you all! 

This weekend I will fly to Portland to help move all of Megan’s stuff into our home.  All of it? I love how optimistic you are! The next weekend we are driving my belongings up from Arizona. Road Trip! 

So bear with us while we move and have less time for writing and posting on the blog. We will be back in no time with more adventures and lots of incredible photos of Portland. Also, we have an exciting new project to unveil soon. Stay tuned!